4 Mind Blowing Productivity Boosters: Top Tools for Web Development Firms

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Productivity has always been a vital issue for organizations of all sizes and types. Employees complete a company, they work like a web of a spider that passes information, data, tasks and much more from one end to another.

Sometimes, actually, most of the times, not all the threads in this web is equally competent and efficient. As a result, the overall productivity of a firm suffers. Whether you are running a Node.Js web development company in USA or an online store, you got to keep your firm’s productivity to its highest.

So here are some tools that will help you reconnect the broken threads back and fill the communication gap while boosting the overall productivity:

  1. Slack

If you have been in IT industry, you have probably heard about Slack. This cool private and public chat facilitator software comes with free, standard, plus, and enterprise plan. The standard plan will suffice any small to medium scale organization and will cost you only $6 per month, equal to the cost of coffee at a decent restaurant.

Slack allows you to create groups, chat individually, share files, and view unlimited history if you have the standard and up plans.

  1. Google Drive

Today’s time is of Google. If you still running your online business without using any of the services by Google, you are missing out on a big opportunity and are not getting the 100% of your maximum productivity.

Apart from its different email plans for businesses, Google drive offers countless Node.Js web development services monstrous space for creating, saving, and sharing documents and files.

  1. Skype for Business

Microsoft’s Skype has no other rivals in the terrain of enterprise-scale video communicating and conferencing. Over the time, Skype has become synonymous with video calls. The basic Skype plans for business starts from as low as $2 per person.

  1. TimeBoy

You can’t analyze the productivity, efficiency, and work of every individual and team of your organization when you have many other important factors to hold the grip of. Hence, a chart or a graphical report help you do that.

TimeBoy helps you do exactly that. It lets you manage your team and have an overview of their work along the way.

All these tools cover one or another aspect of productivity issues that often occur in organizations. You don’t have to stick with just one or struggle to employ all the tools listed above though. You can just select the best ones you like and disperse them among your team.

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5 Customer Aspects That eCommerce Retailers Should Never Miss Out On

Building an eCommerce site isn’t that easy for a eCommerce Website Development Company, especially when a plethora of similar sites are competing in the market.Whether one is starting up a new online store or has an existing store that is not seeing much profits lately, one thing that surely calls for attention is anticipating the customer’s behavioral tendencies. There are many emotional triggers behind the behavior of online buyers that every retailer need to count on and reconcile their websites accordingly to ensure that their visitors stay back. For anyone selling things online, these emotional persuasions play a greater role in getting the potential sales or customers.

Image result for 5 Customer Aspects That eCommerce Retailers Should Never Miss Out On


Chic look of the store

Like the way no customers like walking into a storefront that is smelly, disorganized and unwelcoming, online buyers also turn away from a displeasing site. They hope for an elegant store with a clean, spacious and compassionate atmosphere. Considering that an eCommerce store is just the resemblance of a physical store in the virtual or web world, retailers must pay utmost attention to make store’s layout, designing, products presentation, content and other aspects as appealing as possible.

Story telling

While every element in an eCommerce store contributes in and out to the unique personality of the brand, the chief idea is to present a cohesive personality which the targeted customers will actually like. It is essential because customers like to feel connected with whatever brand they approach and perhaps this is the only reason why marketers of big brands endorse them by hiring celebrities. Storytelling is the best way other way round in eCommerce to connect with customers. It can be presented in either way, as the company’s story in the About Us section or by summing up a unique product experience on the product page.

Image result for Story telling

Clear statement for product scarcity

A popular notion of scarcity is that people get motivated to bargain on something if they find out that it is scanty. The same principle applies to eCommerce, for which it is sensible for the retailers to maintain transparency in displaying the stocks availability for each product. Marketers mostly trigger this concept to tell customers that their popular products or low-priced products might sooner go out of the stock which of course will grab their attention and encourage them to buy.

Trust emblems to rely on payments

Improving the store’s reliability and trustworthiness is essential as many customers are reluctant when it comes to online payment. Besides giving a professional look to the website, there’s should be displaying of security badges, customer testimonials, ratings, customer-services email address or contact numbers on the store which infuse a sense of trust in the buyers. Further, eCommerce sites need to always avoid things that can turn off customers during payments such as popping up of expired SSL certificate messages.

Social linking

Social linking in eCommerce sites implies the use of referral links from popular social network sites that a large number of people trust. The linking of every product page with mass platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, seems appealing to the customers as they look at it as an opportunity to share their experience or interests of online shopping with their social circles.

These stand as the most gripping emotional factors of every online buyer that describe well their expectations whenever they visit an eCommerce store which provided through eCommerce Website Development Services. Thus, every retailer is hoped to get along with this thought process of the customers and sprinkle them in and out the stores to witness their sales soar higher.

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