3 Stunning Way to Get the Most Online Sales on This Black Friday

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Black Friday is the real festival for retailers, both online and offline. That’s when people don’t hold back from opening their wallets and purses. While this festive season is always hot, competition among e-commerce retailers is also pretty high.

My friend, a digital marketing lead at a renowned CakePHP website development company in USA, shared a few valuable tips with me on how to keep your customers engaged on this festive season by staying a step ahead of your competition.

This festive season is anticipated to stay here until 31st of December, starting from Thanksgiving Day on 23rd November. People are not only going to enjoy December holidays, however, they will want to put their past savings to use while availing huge discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So let’s see what are the best practices for e-commerce businesses should deploy on these golden days:

1. Stand Apart in Deal

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While your customers will be getting hundreds of promotional messages during this time of the month, requirements are, you need to offer something extra and in your own unique way.

For instance, exclusive and personalized deals such as gifts, warranty, and free maintenance will help your business stand apart.

2. Every Day Bring Out Something New

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What marketers commonly do wrong is they roll out the same deal again and again on every day following Thanksgiving Day. Hence, refresh your deals every day and offer something new constantly.

Bring variety to your deals, offer unique, personalized gifts to your customers, or free guides on what gift will suit who.

3. Tell Stories25/10/17

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While buying a gift for their loved ones, your customers will often contemplate whether it is the perfect gift for them or not. Hence, attach a story to each of your products and tell it in a way that your customers can be able to resonate with it.

If in your story, your product suited a person, your customers will take it as it will suit their loved ones too as most CakePHP website development services in USA suggest.

The fierce competition is not the only thing you should be afraid of. Users’ tendency to switch their minds to short-termed, flashy deals is another headache for online store owners. Hence, it is crucial to adopt a marketing strategy from creating promotional emails to ads, and personal messages, to appear extremely unique.

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