4 Coolest and Must-Have Android Apps for Android Wear

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Hope you already know about the Android Wear. No? Don’t worry. We are here to give you a brief. Android wear is technologically advanced, wearable gadgets (especially watches). These watches run on Android platform and enable you to play your favorite applications.


Wearable technology has already kicked off. And many Android app development companies in USA believe that soon, it will spread like wildfire. Firms such as Samsung and LG have already begun to manufacture Android wearables.


If you are planning to buy one such watch soon or have already ordered one, you might be wondering which Android apps will go along with it well. Hence, we thought a list of wearable compatible apps compiled by tech experts will surely come in handy. Here it is:


1. AccuWeather

This weather forecasting app waits in app store for you to download for free. The free version is no different than the pro one minus the advertisements. If the ads bother your concentration, a one time purchase of $3 will unlock the full version.


This app acknowledges you of the current temperature, weather forecasts, alerts, and everything you want to know about the weather.


2. Bring

The reason I have enlisted Bring App here is the distinctiveness and beauty of its design and layout. Bring is basically a free grocery list app where you can create list according to categories of your choice.


The functionalities are so simple and easy to comprehend. And this actually makes it a fun to create your grocery list. It’s being free is another plus.


3. Google Maps

I should have listed this app on the top. Not because it is from Google, but due to its extreme usability almost in every day in our life.


If you have this very app installed in your Android wearable watch, you don’t have to take your phone out and take a peek every time you are riding your bike or driving your car while looking for a direction to a certain locality.


4. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is an extraordinary fitness app and you should keep it in your Android wearable inventory. Unless you are not satisfied with the free version, you can go premium with a monthly payment of $10. Many Android app development services are developing fitness apps nowadays.


When the space on your device is limited, you want to utilize the most of it. Moreover, you don’t want useless, flashy apps to distract you. This extensive list of wearable apps comprises a balance between fitness, productivity, gaming, education, and entertainment. Thus, you get a bit of everything.

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Do Apps really help students learn chemistry?

With the advancements and innovations of the modern world, we are all falling under the ever-evolving clutches of technology. Since the upbringing of the smartphone era, the educational industry will never be the same again as it enables students to information 24/7 on any topic from the electronic configuration of an atom to the big bang theory. The effort required to learn subjects like chemistry have been made much simpler and easier with the upbringing of educational applications. Let us look at a few ways in which how apps help you learn chemistry.

● It is imperative for learning chemistry to understand how the periodic table of elements is organized and how to read information from it. Apps offer an engaging and interactive format where students can click on any element to get detailed information including images, electron shells, isotopes, and more. These Apps includes properties for each individual element with the history of discovery and can perform some calculations like formula mass and a chemical equation balancer. The periodic table format in apps is easy to zoom in and out offering better readability to students.

● Most Apps features flashcards filled with questions that help students learn difficult concepts, and even offer opportunities to play games while learning chemistry or watching lesson videos offline. Lessons show how problems are solved step by step at a slow and easy to follow pace while games can be fun and interesting. The lessons include quizzes for self-evaluation with multiple choice style questions for instant feedback on student understanding. The cards are organized into major chemistry categories.

● Educational Apps provide lessons on general chemistry and organic chemistry with exercises and quizzes to help students master the concepts and evaluate their level of comprehension. Students learn organic chemistry nomenclature by practising the identification, naming and recognition of organic molecules and their functional groups.

  • There are Apps that can view, edit and build molecules in 2D and 3D, others with screencasts for analytical chemistry calculations of molarity and dilutions, games for experiments, dictionaries of chemistry terms, and titration simulators. Others provide features to perform complex calculations on topics ranging from gases, solutions, thermodynamics, equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry.

Thus here we have seen a few of the many ways in which apps help us learn chemistry in a much simpler and efficient way. To know how apps help you learn chemistry, check out the content on this YouTube channel-


The Market Share of Android Is Attracting Mobile App Developers

IPhone App Development Company USA

With the rising requests of the customers for advanced mobile phones, tablets and different devices, there has been a huge increment in its relating iPhone App Development Services. These days, Android and iPhone rule the present cell phone advertise. In this manner, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Operating System have partitioned the gross piece of the pie stage of advanced cell gadgets and their versatile applications. These two driving gatherings have been effectively adding to bridle advancements from assorted sources. This focused market structure offers the most appealing applications to its clients.

Android’s present status of accomplishment, as a decision portable stage, is accomplished by its faultless exhibitions and administrations. It has for sure made a reliable easy to understand involvement for a substantial crowd over various gadgets and stages. Approaching over a colossal scope of Android advanced cells because of its accessibility in all fragments for gadgets, there are various open doors for portable market organizations and subsequently application engineers. With its fast development of Android out-pacing simply PDAs, it can be all around expected that it will end up being the brains behind the imperceptible all-round associated registering. Android has quickened the business for portable application advancement. The versatile application advertise enormously relies upon the Android Development for taking into account its clients’ needs considering the quality, costs, capacities and obviously, imagination. Android App Development has made new conceivable outcomes for organizations, application engineers and advertisers to gain more benefit and prevalence from the focused on showcase.

The credit for fulfilling Android’s prominence is without a doubt to the commitment of Google and Samsung. Google and Samsung rule the Android’s piece of the overall industry. With its forceful development in the equipment and programming viewpoint, Google is attempting to change the world with its terminals and versatile administrations. It is progressively infiltrating into new business zones. Samsung, being an extreme contender to Apple, provides food top of the line, premium administrations that are very much built and convey a better client encounter than the vast masses.

Android App Developers are exceeding expectations in making and creating highlights that assistance them emerge in their applications from their rivals and in the meantime pull in more clients and hold their customer base. They try to try, learn and convey their best administrations to their group of onlookers. Android App Developers have demonstrated a more noteworthy curve towards creating music, recordings, utilities and area administrations. They concentrate on the specialized angle, as opposed to the business side of application advancement. Receiving new systems, it is a decent alternative for the new dares to get to any sorts of utilizations in a smoother way. Android App Developers esteem open measures, porting and decision of advancement condition. The android’s open source methodology holds a noteworthy offer in its prosperity. The solid base for Android is because of its essence as a free stage which has prompted development in the quantity of outsider multi stage and portable application stores.

The engineer’s impetus to create and make applications specifically relies upon the benefits and the measure of the market. A market is said to be huge when the engineers get paid and Android designers are probably going to get paid much more. To entirety up, we can properly say that in this focused versatile application showcase, Android genuinely rises as a genuine player in the cell phone advertise.

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3 Clock Apps that Could Easily Replace Your Device’s Default One

Smartphones have outrightly replaced wristwatches and the people don’t end up spilling the wine glasses on themselves in order to figure out the time anymore. Digital clocks are more cool, more accurate, and it’s a great way to flaunt your new iPhone case as well.

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Although the default clocks in phones do the trick, people love to explore new clock interfaces and the advanced options come with them. Android app developing companies in USA are leaving no stone unturned to come up with new clock app ideas every day. As the result, the clock apps have evolved by manifolds.  

If you are looking for a perfect clock app for your

brand new phone, this brief list will help you high leaps:

1. 1Weather

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1Weather is probably the best clock widget choice available for you out there. You can configure it and optimize its features according to your needs. The app itself and all its mesmerizing features are free to use. However, one time $1.99 purchase will make it completely ad-free.

2. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper

As appears from the name, the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper is something deep sleepers always wished for. Apart from comprising all the features of a clock, this clock won’t let you hit the snooze button and go back to sleep if you’ve set to the puzzle mode.

A number of Android app development services have started to create apps on this very concept as it’s gaining rapid recognition.

3. Alarm Clock for Me

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Alarm Clock for Me lets you set an unlimited number of alarms with customized setting. It’s going to be an all-in-one solution for all your weather clock needs as it offers updated weather info, clock, forecasts, brightness adjuster, and a flashlight button.

Each of its features is free to use, however, if ads do bother you, a scant payment of $0.99 is all you need.