App Success in Major App Stores Through Right Keywords

Related imageTo make your app successful in app stores, you would need to adopt the right App Store Optimization (ASO) tips. ASO is a set of practices used to bring your app on the top in the search results. Good rankings ensure better visibility of app as well as more downloads.

One of the best ways to ensure this is to use best keywords in your content – suggest the top iPhone app development services in USA. Keywords are the power points of SEO. However, finding the most appropriate keywords is not easy. It takes time and lots of research.

Before you list out your keywords, you will first need to comprehend your users. Depending on the type of your iPhone app, the way your target audience find an app will differ. For example, people’s queries for a strategy game and fitness app will likely differ. Finding out how your users will search for a similar app is the real deal.

Google Keyword Planner

Thank Google, finding the performance of a certain keyword is now in your hands. Just make a Gmail account and open Google Adwords, and a dashboard will appear with a field to enter your keyword.

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Once you enter a term, you will get monthly search information of a keyword, including how many times it has been searched along with the competition, suggested bid, and related search terms.

Tips for iOS ASO

Using your keyword in the title, and having a few good reviews will bring up the health of your iPhone app. Update your app, every once in awhile and review your keywords and update accordingly. Moreover, make sure to utilize the full length of the description provided and enrich it with relevant keywords.

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This will help both users and search engines understand what your app is all abo

Don’ts for iPhone app Keyword Planning

  • Make sure to not to use words such as “app” in your app’s name.

  • Ask your iPhone app development service for ASO suggestions.

  • Do not use irrelevant keywords.

  • Do not use keywords with a high competition.

  • Do not use keywords with extremely low relevance.

  • Using same keyword phrases, again and again, is a bad idea.

Last but not the least, many app owners use black hat SEO techniques to gain an advantage in search appearance. However, today’s search engines are smart enough to find that out and will eagerly penalize you

A business that comprehends its users’ behavior well enough, always performs great out there. Your customer’s search behavior can tell a lot about what keywords will suit you best. User’s search behavior changes frequently. Hence, you will need to make proper operation based on that.