SHOPECOM Stainless Steel Roti Press Maker – Reviews and Guide

SHOPECOM Stainless Steel Puripoori Press Presser Maker Machine

Are you fed up by making roti? Facing problem in making perfect round shape roti? Well, do you know roti making or cooking is an art that needs patience and time? However, roti making is the time taken to process, especially in Indian families as roti is necessary for a daily routine meal of Indians. … Read more

M Tech Roti Maker/Poori Press Machine – Reviews and Guide

M Tech Puri Press - Poori Press Machine (Size in Diameter 4)

Did you ever realize your kitchen is missing something? Or you need a partner for making roti? Are you a working woman? No time, to spend in the kitchen? Thus, if you are tired of making roti in the kitchen, and lacking the round shape and perfectly cooked delicious roti, then don’t worry and just … Read more

Dharam Paul Traders Manual Stainless Steel Roti Maker – Reviews and Guide

Dharam Paul Traders Manual Stainless Steel Puri Maker 

Are you a roti lover? Facing difficulty in preparing roti? Or don’t have time to make Rotis? No matter, what the reason is, we are here with detailed information regarding the best manual/press roti maker i.e. Dharam Paul Traders Manual Stainless Steel Puri Maker. Well, we all know that roti is an essential part of … Read more

Esspy™ DEEP Quality Iron(CI Casting) Bid Roti Maker – Reviews and Guide

Esspy™ DEEP Heavy Quality Iron (CI Casting) Bid Puri Maker 

Roti is always the north Indian staple food, where consumption of rice is comparatively smaller in quantities in their meals. Usually, we Indians prefer roti in almost all the meals which we have in a day. Roti is the essential one in the complete meal. But somehow making round-shaped roti is quite typical at least … Read more

Best Manual/Press Roti Maker in 2020 – Complete Guide and Reviews

Best Manual Press Roti Maker in 2020

Did you ever try to prepare perfectly round shape roti at your home? If yes, then you may know how much it is hard to make round roti unless you have an experience like your mother or grandmother who just makes perfect round-shape roti for everyone in your home. If you stay away from home … Read more