Chatbots: What are They? Does Your Online Business Really Need them?

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Why would I pay for a robot while my employee can do it a way lot better? That’s what you are probably thinking whenever you see the word – chatbots. Right? Well, the simple answer is, you pay for the bot just once or pay for it less.

Nowadays, a huge number of Drupal web development companies in USA are working their way off to deliver more and more chatbot software or services. Before I go forward by leaps and bounds, let me make it clear what actually a chatbot is?

A chatbot is a software or application that works on a set of rules and guidelines to understand your customer’s queries and tries to resolve that.

The next question: Why should you have one for your offline or online business? Well, the answer is simple yet important. More than 25% of the world’s total population is engaged on one or another messaging app. That suggests people prefer messaging more than calling or any other form of communicating.

There are Two Kinds of Chatbots Available for You

  1. Basic: Based on Rules and Regulations

Rule-based chatbots only recognize certain, predefined commands from users. They present users with questions, asking to enter a choice from the list and respond. For example, the kind of chatbots while ordering a pizza through message by your phone. These chatbots are basic but affordable, convenient but limited.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots

These chatbots are rather advanced and come at an expense of some good bucks. AI-based chatbots are designed to understand human language as they write it and to provide the most relevant answers. Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are two fine examples of highly-advanced chatbot options.

Constitution of Chatbots

Chatbots can be as complex as a giant e-commerce website. The prices can be from as low as $50 monthly to several thousands of dollars. It can vary from online Drupal web development service to another.

A chatbot is basically made of 4 blocks. A database where product and customer information is stored. An application layer that holds all the instructions. User and application interfaces making services handy.

The best thing about chatbots is they are cheap and can take care of customer’s queries at the initial state. That means, where you would have hired three separate customer care executives, now with a chatbot, one alone is enough as one chatbot software can engage with a number of customers in real-time.

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