Do Apps really help students learn chemistry?

With the advancements and innovations of the modern world, we are all falling under the ever-evolving clutches of technology. Since the upbringing of the smartphone era, the educational industry will never be the same again as it enables students to information 24/7 on any topic from the electronic configuration of an atom to the big bang theory. The effort required to learn subjects like chemistry have been made much simpler and easier with the upbringing of educational applications. Let us look at a few ways in which how apps help you learn chemistry.

● It is imperative for learning chemistry to understand how the periodic table of elements is organized and how to read information from it. Apps offer an engaging and interactive format where students can click on any element to get detailed information including images, electron shells, isotopes, and more. These Apps includes properties for each individual element with the history of discovery and can perform some calculations like formula mass and a chemical equation balancer. The periodic table format in apps is easy to zoom in and out offering better readability to students.

● Most Apps features flashcards filled with questions that help students learn difficult concepts, and even offer opportunities to play games while learning chemistry or watching lesson videos offline. Lessons show how problems are solved step by step at a slow and easy to follow pace while games can be fun and interesting. The lessons include quizzes for self-evaluation with multiple choice style questions for instant feedback on student understanding. The cards are organized into major chemistry categories.

● Educational Apps provide lessons on general chemistry and organic chemistry with exercises and quizzes to help students master the concepts and evaluate their level of comprehension. Students learn organic chemistry nomenclature by practising the identification, naming and recognition of organic molecules and their functional groups.

  • There are Apps that can view, edit and build molecules in 2D and 3D, others with screencasts for analytical chemistry calculations of molarity and dilutions, games for experiments, dictionaries of chemistry terms, and titration simulators. Others provide features to perform complex calculations on topics ranging from gases, solutions, thermodynamics, equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry.

Thus here we have seen a few of the many ways in which apps help us learn chemistry in a much simpler and efficient way. To know how apps help you learn chemistry, check out the content on this YouTube channel-


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