How Augmented Reality Will Change the Face of E-Commerce Industry

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If you ever played Pokemon Go, and if it was your first encounter with Augmented Reality (AR), then you were probably mesmerized by how with the help of your phone’s camera, a virtual game comes to real life.

As many website designing services in USA suggest – AR is a way to enhance the realness of a virtual element on your phone by capturing real life objects and combining them with it. The Pokemon Go did really well in augmented reality, however, a lot more is yet needed to be discovered in this domain.

Think about you waking up in the morning and getting informed by your device about what medicines you need to take and on what time. Moreover, considering the humidity, time of the day, and your level of dizziness on this time of day, which coffee, with how many milk will be good for you. Yes, we haven’t reached that far yet. But, with augmented reality, we can say that the future is here.

Big Giants are Already in the Battlefield

July 2017 was the month when Amazon published a patent on ‘Augmented Reality Presentation’, giving the e-commerce industry as well as the entire world a clue that what to expect from the AR.

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Rumors are already there, suggesting the Amazon is working on the AR technique that will let people try out gadgets such as watches before they actually buy. This will help the buyers know what will suit their style.

Apart from Amazon, Apple is also coming up with ARKit, a way for developers to add augmented reality, virtual elements in their applications. ARKit is completely open source, available freely for personal and professional use.

Augmented Reality & the Future

It is anticipated that the market share of augmented reality will grow to more than $160 billion in the next seven years. If AR advanced from gaming to furniture planning and virtual preview, it will be no wonder that it extends its roots to other major industries such as healthcare, education, and IT – say major website designing companies in USA.

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Augmented Reality and E-Commerce Businesses

AR will soon hit the e-commerce. And as an e-commerce business owner, you would need to find some innovating and creative ways to offer services and solutions to your clients blended with AR.

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All you need to do is to let your users getting assisted with your store’s Augmented reality feature to facilitate real-time visualization of your products with respect to their significance in their real life.


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