3 New iPhone X Features You Probably Won’t Admire

Image result for iPhone X Features You Probably Won’t AdmireApple’s brand new invention iPhone X is finally here. With quite a big screen and a new face recognition technology, the tech giant induced kind of a revolution in the smartphone industry. However, while sales are anticipated to escalate pretty high this year, some rumors suggest that the new phone won’t be welcomed by all.


Since iPhone X brought several changes to its screen, iPhone app development companies in USA need to adopt a new design and development process in order to match it. Not all the developer are yet familiar with it.


If you are worried whether you should buy Apple’s $1000 flagship phone or not, don’t worry. Even though its new features are unwelcomed by many, it doesn’t mean that you won’t love it right from the bottom.


We have search across various review and opinion websites and resources and picked up a few things that irked iPhone X users. Here’s the list of them:


  1. The Notch

No doubt, Apple stretched the screen to the bottom and the top. However, the speaker notch on the top that includes 8 of the phone’s important components, is still there.


It appears good and saves the space in portrait mode, but it wasn’t much appreciated by a few users in landscape mode as it interrupts viewing videos and games.


  1. Face Recognition

The finger recognition was replaced with face recognition. But, a few reports suggest that it is rather a slower way to log in. Sometimes they need to adjust their phones.


  1. Non-Optimized Apps

Well, since no one had any idea about what the new Apple’s phone will be like, a large number of apps seems to not optimized according to the new display size of 19.5:9. If you run an iPhone app development service in USA, make sure to match the new size.


Despite the name of a brand, there will always be certain things that won’t entice its user base. However, your decision should rely on whether you are bothered by them or not.


On the other hand, these features appear ‘very cool’ for some. Most of today’s iPhone users actually like the big screen and the new way to log in.



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