Boost Your Web Development Company’s Productivity by Using These 5 Content Creation Tools

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Over the years, we have understood the requirement of great, comprehensive content to gain an added advantage over your competitors on Google. The leading search engine has become a synonym with the internet, tackling as much as 85% of total search queries on the internet.


Google constantly updates its algorithms to bring up the most relevant search results to its users. Another update suggests that text is now not the only way Google consider while deciding the ranking of a website for specific keywords.


The more diverse kind of quality content a website provides, the higher the chances it gets to stand the top on the SERPs. Hence, the need for throwing out diverse, quality content on a regular basis has become a fundamental requirement for PHP website development companies in USA.


Be it the lack of resources, frequent project, or your staff’s indulgement in other projects, sometimes a firm suffers from reduced productivity due to insufficiency in creating a diverse range of content because of all these reasons.


Despite the reasons, we can’t underrate the significance of constantly publishing various types of content in order to maintain the search engine rankings of our business. For that reason, we have come up with an extensive list of 5 stunning digital content creation tools that will come in handy sooner than later. Here you go:


1. Survey Monkey

Surveys never actually went out of the style. However, it is extremely crucial to add a set of goals or purposes to them in order to win direct more customers to your business.


SurveyMonkey let you customize the format of your survey with your content. It allows you to add logos, images, and another form of content pertinent to your business.


2. Venngage

The popularity of this interesting infographic-creator website is increasing with time. As a digital marketer, you can create an engaging infographic by utilizing the chunks of each of your insightful blog with Venngage.


There is a huge library of predefined infographics with varying colors and styles for you to choose from. That way, you can create a visual part of your text content.


3. PowToon

PowToon is a premium video maker tool with a $99 subscription for a year. However, regardless of the price, this tool literally let you be as creative as you can with your animation videos.


It allows you to set the mood (sad, happy, excited) of your cartoon character, put in the elements (trees, tables, and much more), select the background, and embed voice or sound effect as per your choice. A good investment indeed.


4. Designspiration

As appears from the name, Designspiration can help you get inspired and unlock your creativity with your designing projects. It is certainly a good choice for designers as well as businesses.


You can either select a design category to find if anything suits your need or you can choose from one to five colors to check out some cool designs in those colors.


5. Giphy

You don’t need a 60-second video to advertise your business. On the other hands, sometimes, just an image is not sufficient enough to express your idea.


That’s when a GIF maker like Giphy comes in handy. It lets you create GIFs while offering you a heap of free-to-use GIFs.


This list does not highlight any content rewriter tools as they are just a waste of time. Google has become advanced enough to recognize duplicate content and its comprehensive library of synonyms can easily detect any shuffling among them. Moreover, it will negatively affect your PHP website development service’s rankings.


But the enlisted content creators enable you to represent your own content and messages in various formats while offering you the ability to be as creative with your content as you wish.

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