How to Reduce Friction on Your Website

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Development companies like PHP Website Development Companies in USA are rapidly growing because every business is getting online nowadays and taking advantage of optimization techniques.

Many people complain that even after a nice increase in the traffic, they are not getting enough sales conversion. People come to their websites and take interest in their services but still don’t buy anything.

This happens due to friction and people don’t understand the real cause of this issue. Every visitor wants a simple website which is easy to use and if they find any kind of complexity or confusion, they move on to other websites without wasting more time.     

Friction is the most common issue that can secretly ruin your marketing strategies, hence you need to make sure that there is no friction in your website. Here we are presenting a few tips to reduce friction on your website.

User Friendly

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If you want to stay away from the friction, you will have to be double sure that your website is user-friendly and there are no bugs in it. If you find any bugs while testing, fix them straight away and then launch your website.

Don’t overload your website with the promotional ads to earn extra money because it will surely bring some extra money for you but, it will spoil your customer experience and that is not good for your business.

Make your registration and buying process as simple as possible. Avoid lengthy registration forms or complicated payment process. So overall you will have to make a simple yet classy website.


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A user would not like to click again and again to get the same information so always check out how many clicks customers take to navigate around your site.

Navigation is an important step for your user experience and it also helps you to convert your traffic into sales.

To get the best navigation you can hire PHP Website Development Services because these services are developing and covering the whole market. Their developers are well known to provide the best support for any kind of website and give the assured quality.

Use creative and simple content

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Keep your content simple and creative which can be easily understood by the customers. Your service description should be clearly mentioned in the simple language on your website.

The simplest content you will use, the more people will understand that and the more people will take interest in your services. Provide the simple buying steps guide as well, so that if a customer gets stuck somewhere, he can simply get the answer from there.

These were a few simple steps you can apply on your website to reduce friction on your Website and to increase the business revenue.
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