Here’s What You Should Know about Unresponsive and Mobile-Unfriendly Websites

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Google has begun to put emphasis on mobile users since past two years, thanks to the escalated increase in the number of smartphone users. If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive, the search engine will put its rankings down.

Having a responsive and mobile-friendly website will result in increased Google search ranking of your website. A website designing company in USA can help make your website responsive. Apart from being responsive, your website needs to be loaded fast as Matt Cutts suggests.


How The Responsiveness Affects Your Online Business

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Unless you have a responsive website, your website’s rank in Google will be adversely affected. In other words, Google has shown website owners a way to not to get penalized in order to develop their website.

Moreover, now we know what factors contribute to the decreased rankings of a website. Check it out what are the major issues on our website to save it from rank demotion:

Loading Speed of Your Website

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Online users are getting impatient with time. Now, they will bear a maximum of 5 seconds for your website to load before they dump it. As much as three-fourths of the total online visitors hate slow websites. 71% of mobile users want mobile web pages to load equally faster as their website counterparts.

With 3G, 4G, and 5G, the internet has become quite fast. If your website’s performance is not up to the mark, losing ranks in Google is certain. Here’s what Google advises to make your web pages’ loading speed quicker:

1. Reduce common loading delays by getting rid of external JavaScript and CSS.

2. Lessening the number of requests and amount of transferable data will reduce the unnecessary load on the page and likely make it faster.

3. Again, keep the JavaScript away while designing your website for mobile.

4. Put your website URL in Google PageSpeed Insights to know about the factors deferring your website from loading slower.

A number of website designing services in USA points towards many other reasons that affect the speed of a website including uses of flash, unplayable videos, and faulty redirects. According to the Google, HTML5 standard tags could be used as a safe medium to combine video content within the web page.


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