Want to Develop a Health & Fitness App? Checkout Possible Costs, Functionalities, and Everything

People are eating more junk food today. That’s true. But, today’s generation is physically fitter than the one before it. That’s true too. Despite people’s escalated devouring habits, their focus on attaining a fit and healthy body and mind hasn’t decreased at all.

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According to a survey by a top iPhone app development company in USA, people are finding new ways to achieve moderate fitness levels. And getting help from diet and nutrition apps and wearable devices.

Maybe you are not a big fan of fitness and have just landed on this blog because you wanted to know about the cost of developing a diet and nutrition app. Well, you have come to the right place.

The app industry is growing continuously and entrepreneurs can avail this fact as a huge opportunity. If you are planning to advance with a fully featured diet and nutrition app, here are the aspects you should be aware of:


1. The Cost

The cost of creating an app depends on several factors including the region, the number of features, level of creativity in UX or functionality, and the company. iPhone app development companies in USA will charge you approximately $60 to $300 while in Europe you can get it developed at an expense of $40 to $160.

The cost will be minimum in India with $10 to $85. As a whole a fitness app will set you back anywhere between $5000 to $50,000 depending on the factors I have stated above.


2. The Features

Apart from some common app features such as sign up, sign in through social media platforms, account management, and a home page, a fitness app would require a database with calorie information of a number of food products, daily calories counter, and calorie burnt indicator during certain workouts.

Moreover, a user should be able to feed his own fitness goals in along with his current weight, height, and physical activity level. The app must provide diet and exercise suggestions according to the entered details.


3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are fundamental for continual customer engagement. These home screen notifications not only acknowledge the users regarding certain deals or offers. But, at the same time, they offer you a personalized way to connect with them.

A fitness app not only help you generate monstrous revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases but, at the same time, they help your customers to achieve their health goals. The tomorrow is of wearable gadgets and thus, if your app can connect or integrate with those, it will be an added plus.

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