Boss Crisp Roti Maker 900 Watt (B518) – Reviews and Guide

Knowingly, roti is a beloved Indian food that we include in our every meal of a day. People love to have roti in their day-to-day meals. Do you ever realize that roti is an essential part of our diet? Though, it looks simply like flatbread which can be eaten with different veggies, curd, honey, or pickle. Roti is the main food usually cooked in Indian kitchens. Truthfully, the food will be incomplete without a perfectly round shape roti.

Are you a fitness freak or follow any diet? No matter, roti is always considered as the healthiest and lightest food ever as it is fat-free and prepared with wheat. Well, it a very rich source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9. Apart from this, an electric roti maker is a perfect kitchen appliance for all the working women. Using roti maker, one can make round rotis in bulk and in no amount of time. As a result, the roti maker saves lots of time and effort.

Although there are various brands available in the market or online. But to choose the best electric roti maker is still a tough task for all. Therefore, to resolve the issue of choosing the best roti maker for your kitchen, we have picked up the best roti maker and discussed everything in detail about it.

Surprisingly, the Boss Crisp Roti Maker comes with an elegant and stylish design that helps you in making perfect roti in just a few seconds. It is a simple and easy to use a machine that can help you in making perfect shape and sized fluffy delicious roti in lesser time which consumes less power of 900W. It is a multi-functional device with lots of features at a reasonable cost which can even fit in your tight budget. Its high-quality non-stick coated aluminum base comes with a frequency -50Hz and has a long-lasting stainless steel body that works in the voltage of 230VAC. Its ergonomic design makes it unique and the most demanded product in the market.

Below we have mentioned complete details related to this product such as specifications, key features, usage, pros, and cons so that you can know while purchasing it.

Boss Crisp Roti Maker 900 Watt


·       Voltage: 230 V AC

·       Power: 900W

·       On/Off Indicator Light

·       Automatic Cut-Off Feature

·       Thermostat

·       Shockproof Body

·       1-Year Warranty

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Roti Maker Usage & Tips 

Using this user’s guide and essential tips, you can make a perfectly round shape, fluffy roti without facing any hassle. However, this user guide will be helpful for new users who want to make perfect roti in a few seconds. Before making roti, consider the below-mentioned points which are as follows:

  • Try to make softer dough than normal.
  • Leave that dough idle for at least 30 minutes to set it perfectly.
  • After that, from the dough make some medium size balls.
  • Then, turn on the roti maker and wait till it gets hot to make Rotis.
  • Next, safely put in the dough ball in between the roti maker and coat it with dry flour.
  • Just ensure that you perfectly set in between the machine to get perfect shape and size roti.
  • Once set, close the lid using the handle and slightly press the handle.
  • Then, carefully open the lid and check that the roti is perfectly round and thin from corners.
  • Now, let the roti cook from one side for at least 15-20 seconds.
  • After that, turn the roti to cook it from the other side.
  • Once cooked from both sides, carefully remove it from the roti maker.
  • Your roti is ready to eat, eat it with tasty veggies!

 Key Features of Boss Crisp Roti Maker 900 Watt (B518)

Are you planning to buy any kitchen appliances? Or looking for the best electric roti maker? If yes, while looking for Roti maker, we always check their features and prices as it is a necessary part of the appliance and usually we pay based on their features. Therefore, this boss crisp comes with non-stick coated Tawa that helps you in making fluffy, crisp, non-sticky, and delicious roti at no-time. It is one of the best affordable options with all the latest features which you can get from the market. Using this roti maker, you can make roti’s khakhra’s, parathas, and pooris as when you want to eat. Some most important features are discussed below:

Non-Stick Coated Tawa

This Boss crisp roti maker comes with a non-stick coating plate for non-sticky roti at no-time. It comes with an inbuilt aluminum base with the frequency of -50HZ which is perfect for roti making and its stainless steel body works in voltage of 230 V AC.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Body

When things come to quality, this electric roti maker comes with a high-quality food-grade stainless steel body that can be good for your health, and also the steel body enhances the life and durability of the machine. Therefore, you can enjoy the meal with roti whenever you want to eat with this amazing roti maker.

Heat Resistant  

This boss crisp roti maker comes with an inbuilt Thermostat for overheat protection and safety for providing you additional caution and safety. In general, it will prevent you from any sort of electrical accidents or injuries during the time you are working with a machine.

Shockproof Body 

It comes with a stainless steel shockproof body to prevent you from electrical sort or failure by default. Generally, most of the electric appliances have inbuilt features to prevent any mishap as the appliance always works on electricity.

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Below are some pros and cons for best electric roti makers which are as follows: 


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect grip handle
  • Uniform heating
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Enough safety features
  • Ease-to-handle


  • Takes much time to reach the ideal temperature

In the above-mentioned article, we have explained every detail which will help you in choosing the best electric roti maker for your home or the perfect roti making partner in the kitchen. This one is the perfect roti maker available at affordable prices that suit your budget. It has adequate power to make various recipes without any issues. Its non-stick coating plate will last for many years. Get the best out of various options and enjoy your food!