Crompton Optimus Desert Cooler – Reviews and Guide

In India, the temperature is rising with every passing year during the summer. This calls for home cooling appliances to stay comfortable and have a good, sound sleep. With the Crompton Optimus 100 litre desert air cooler, no longer do you have to withstand the humid and uncomfortable summer climate anymore. Bring this newly launched, super-effective home appliance to your house and spend your summers comfortably. It is equipped with modern features and is available at affordable prices, which make it the perfect option for staying comfortable and cool throughout the summers.

How does it work?

In case you are wondering, this air cooler increases the comfort of the house drastically by utilizing pure water to bring down the temperature of the room. It cools down the temperature inside the room by circulating cool air throughout it. The Crompton Optimus air cooler is one of the best desert air coolers that keep your room temperature low at all times. Not only that, but it also makes the entire ambience around the house so pleasant with the amazing cooling technology, that you would fall in love with it!

A major reason why this product is so popular in the market is its affordability. The price is affordable, thus allowing even people with a strict budget to buy it and enjoy the summertime comfortably inside their house. Besides being light on the pockets, it’s eco-friendly as well. It doesn’t emit harmful gases as a by-product of its mechanism, thus not affecting the environment or people in any way.

Out of all the desert air coolers available, the Crompton Optimus is the best option to go for because it comes with movable castor wheels, durable honeycomb cooling pads, large ice chamber and several other features which have been discussed below in details. This appliance is inverter compatible, meaning it can run on inverters when your main source of power goes off.

Needless to say, the product is portable, effective and provide quality cooling facilities owing to its innovative features. Made using the best and the latest technology available, it runs for years if maintained properly. Crompton is already a famous brand which produces home electrical appliances and the Crompton Greaves Optimus 100 litre dessert air cooler justifies that fact brilliantly. Now that you have got a comprehensive product description, let’s now go over to a detailed study of its features.

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Crompton Optimus Desert Cooler

Aerodynamic Fan Design For Cooling Efficiency

The Crompton Optimus 100 litre cooling appliance has an aerodynamic fan design having blades of bigger size than the traditional fan blades. Not only that the blades rotate at a higher speed but it also spreads the cool air inside the room efficiently. The aesthetic model of the appliance enhances the look of the room where it is kept. It has a snowy white colour and is rectangular sleek shaped which is bound to complement your interiors.

Higher Air Delivery For Superior Cooling

This appliance is capable of high air delivery, which results in better cooling of the room. The Crompton Optimus cooler has an air delivery of 5500 m3/hr. This also ensures better and faster cooling.

Thicker Honeycomb Cooling Pads

We have already mentioned that this cooler has been designed using the best of techniques available. It is equipped with honeycomb cooling pads that are thick and durable which provides improved water retention capability. Also, this enhances the appliance’s cooling performances.

Not only that, but these well designed cooling pads can also be easily removed, reused and maintained. They can run for years with a minimum amount of maintenance. Also, they have a low maintenance cost. These pads give enough surface area to the appliance, promoting faster evaporation of humid air and circulation of cool air, no matter what the prevailing weather condition is.

Rust Free Body

The appliance has been manufactured from fibre materials which keep it rust-free. Neither does it allow any water stains to settle down on the surface. The materials used for its construction are derived from the most trustworthy sources, selected only after a detailed survey of the quality of the material.

Easy To Clean & Wipe

The cooler’s body is made up of ABS, thermoplastic materials that can easily be cleaned using a damp clean cloth.

Auto drain switch

Water can be taken out without much hassles from the back of the machine by turning on the auto drain switch. To make it convenient for people, the machine even has a smart auto-fill feature. All of these ultimately results in a hassle-free experience.

Wide Angle Air coverage

The Crompton Greaves Optimus 100 litre air cooler has an amazing wider angle air throw which cools large rooms efficiently and covers every corner of the room. Its air throw distance is 55ft which is impressive for any air cooler.

A large opening on top

The large opening on its top further facilities the cleaning of the machine. It enables people to clean the water distribution plate and remove any blockages if present, thereby increasing the longevity of the appliance.

Extra-large ice chamber

This air cooler also has a uniquely large ice cube chamber. People can put large ice cubes in it as a result of which the room cools down easily ensuring maximum cooling effect.

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Humidity Controller 

With this Crompton model, users can seamlessly adjust and regulate the temperature level of the room according to their comfort.

100 Litre Capacity

This new model has larger storage capacity and can hold up to 100 litres of water. Thus it performs efficiently for longer hours, allowing you to enjoy a good night sleep.

The Crompton Greaves Optimus 100 litre white desert air cooler is a top quality product launched by Crompton. It is one of the best product belonging to the desert air coolers range. It definitely matches up to the standard in today’s highly commercial and competitive market.

Measuring about 70.5 x 47 x 123.5 cm and weighing approximately 22.6 kg, it is one of the widely preferred home cooling appliances currently. When you buy this product, you get a 1-year warranty for it. In every aspect, this is the best go-to option for homeowners looking for budget air coolers.