ElectroSky Non-Stick PTFE Coating”900w” Roti Maker – Reviews and Guide

In India, every housewife spends lots of hours making roti for their family member in the kitchen. Nowadays, most of us are working; even some of them are away from home for studies. We all miss the homemade food or round shape fluffy roti from our mother’s hand. But as roti is a necessary food for every Indian so all try their best to give it a perfect shape. Therefore, in the hectic schedule, sometimes it is getting difficult to make roti’s and go with other options that are not good for health. To help you in the kitchen in making the perfect shape and size rotis we are here to help you in gathering information about the best automatic electric chapati maker which is available in the market.  This electric kitchen appliance is known as ‘Roti Maker’.

In this technological world, there are different types of roti makers available in the market for helping people in making perfect shape and size roti. Out of all available roti makers, one of the best is ElectroSky Non-Stick PTFE Coating”900w” Chapati Maker (Silver). It is manufactured by the 10 years old National Company with a tradition of serving premium quality products to the customers. It’s a fully automatic electric chapati maker with a non-stick coating plate. Therefore, its manufactures are intended to help people in making Rotis efficiently in less time and make them their partner in the kitchen.

In this article, we have provided you every detail related to this product just to help you in choosing the best electric roti maker for your home. With this roti maker, you don’t need to make any attempts to make roti. You are just required to put the dough ball in between the chapati maker or in the non-stick coated plate and press the handle slightly. This is one of the most affordable roti makers with all the latest features and stylish design.

Well, the most important criterion for Indian housewives is the ability to make Rotis. Everyone in the home, especially mother-in-law judges their daughter-in-law with the rotis as if they can cook food or not. But now with the smart world, all are smart and buy the perfect roti maker which can make Rotis conveniently. Frankly, the roti maker gives you perfect and delicious fluffy roti in just no time. Below are some important specifications which you should consider while purchasing the roti maker which are as follows:

ElectroSky Non-Stick PTFE Coating”900w” Roti Maker


·       Wattage: 900W

·       Non-Stick Coating Plate

·       Shockproof Body

·       Heat Resistant

·       Light Indicator

·       ISI Marked

·       Auto-Cut Off Features

·       1-Year Warranty

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Roti Maker Usage & Tips

Here we come with the usage and tips of chapati maker which you have to remember while using the roti maker in your home. However, the roti maker works with heat and pressure. When you place the dough ball between the makers and close the lid of it, pressing the handle, a fluffy roti is ready to eat in just a few seconds. Having the name of an electric roti maker, it gets hot in just no time and when the pressure is applied then the hot surface starts to cook the dough and makes a perfectly round shape roti. To make perfect round shape fluffy chapati, consider the following tips before using the machine:

  • Try to set the roti maker on the flat surface or the kitchen countertop.
  • Apply the dough in between the upper and lower lid and slightly press the handle as the amount of pressure will determine the size of the roti.
  • Always prepare the roti dough softer than the dough which you generally prepare for making roti on Tawa.
  • Using this electric chapati maker, you can get bulks of roti in just a few minutes without any worry to clean the kitchen.

Key Features of Electro Sky Non-Stick PTFE Coating”900w” Chapati Maker (Silver)

The Electro Sky Non-Stick Chapati Maker is one of the leading manufacturers of the roti maker and ruling the market for over the last 10 years. It assures you to provide quality products. Recently, they have launched one of the most selling products in India i.e., the electric roti maker. The company commits that these roti makers resembles the latest technology and are created with the best engineering work just to serve you the best roti, parathas on your plate. It comes with a non-stick PTFE coating plate and with a power consumption of 900w. Here are some of the significant features of this perfect roti maker which are discussed below:

Fully Automatic Electric Roti Maker 

This is a fully automatic electric roti maker that comes with multiple features. For making perfect shape roti, whenever you want to eat it, you just have to put dough in between the roti maker and press the handle and get well-cooked roti in just a few seconds. However, rotis made by this amazing device are light, fluffy, quick chapatis, and thus it reminds us of the same taste as of the homemade ones by our elders. You can get this perfect machine at pocket-friendly prices with all the latest features.

Automatic-Cut off Features with Indicator Light 

Roti maker always plays a vital role in everyone’s life especially for those who are away from home and have a hectic schedule. This roti maker has inbuilt automatic-cut off features with an indicator of light that sets roti maker apart and has a fixed temperature with an automatic cut-off feature which automatically cuts off the heat supply of the roti maker and also regulates the temperature. Moreover, the LED indicator light disabled when the machine is ready to take your dough ball in between it.

Shockproof Body and Heat Resistant Handles

It comes with a feature of ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat resistant handles. This ensures that you can comfortably and safely use the roti maker and can make many rotis for you and your family at one go. Furthermore, it remains assured that the roti maker has a completely shock-proof body and is fitted with the best quality ISI marked and 6 amp plug.

Here are some pros and cons of this perfect roti maker which are as follows: 


  • Stainless steel body,
  • Unique design,
  • Strong handle grip,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Durable,
  • Light-in-weight,
  • Less power consumption.


  • Bit Expensive.

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In the above-mentioned article, we have provided every detail related to Electro Sky Non-Stick PTFE Coating “900w” chapatti maker. This electric roti maker comes with the perfect size and can fit anywhere in the kitchen, in other words, it covers less space in the kitchen. Its non-stick coating plate helps you in making the perfect shape, size, and delicious roti in just a few minutes. Thus, it can best suit even in your tight budget as it comes at affordable prices. If you are planning to buy the roti maker, we recommend you to go beside this option as it has every feature that anyone is searching in the roti maker.