Esspy™ DEEP Quality Iron(CI Casting) Bid Roti Maker (19cm/7 inches) – Reviews and Guide

As for Indians, roti is like bread and butter which are included almost in every meal. In other words, it is like a part of an everyday routine or complete lunch and dinner with different veggies. However, it is an essential part of everyone’s life. We all work for a good lifestyle and meal. Well, have you ever tried making a roti? Of course, you might have as it is necessary for survival, but was your roti soft, and fluffy? Are you away from your home? Missing your mother’s hand-made roti? No worries, here is the perfect way to get yourself comfortable with this situation. For getting a perfect size and shaped roti, buy a manual roti maker for your home and make your life quite easy and comfortable at affordable prices.

Nowadays, in the technological and fast-moving world, no one has much time to spend in the kitchen. Mostly, it includes those who are away from home for job purposes or are students.

To keep it in mind and make a simple process for you, many companies have come up with the latest versions of a roti maker. Usually who is in love with roti in their meal, roti maker is perfect for those and due to the daily demand, roti makers, are becoming quite ordinary in every Indian household.

Due to the increasing demand for roti makers, various companies have manufactured different types of roti makers. But out of all the roti makers, Esspy Deep Deluxe Heavy Quality Iron (CI Casting) Bid Puri Maker comes with ultimate features that one can easily fit in a packet. Below, you can get every single information about this best manual roti maker.

Esspy™ DEEP Quality Iron(CI Casting) Bid Roti Maker (7 Inches)



  • Material: Iron (CI Casting)
  • Display weight: 3300.0 Grams
  • Size: Medium
  • Power: manpower
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Anti-Skid heavy base
  • Strong iron cool handle
  • Suitable for all needs

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Roti Makers Uses & Tips

For making perfect shape roti at home with the roti maker, you should follow the tips which are discussed below:

  • Try to locate the roti maker on a flat surface.
  • The dough you are making for roti should be quite softer than normal and always keep in your mind that it should be fresh.
  • While preparing roti with the roti maker, remember not to press the handle for more than 2 seconds as it needs to be prepared softly and easily.
  • Make roti with this best kitchen appliance at no-time, which you can do so by putting the dough between it and slightly press it with the handle.

Key Features of Esspy Deep Deluxe Heavy Quality Iron (CI Casting) Bid Puri Maker

The Esspy Deep Deluxe Bid Puri/Roti maker is one of the best and heavy quality roti makers, which is equipped with all features and is the best partner in preparing roti with you in the kitchen. Get fluffy and delicious roti with this budget-friendly roti maker and make your life easy and simple. Here are some significant features of this roti maker that makes it different from others and even suits you in your tight budget.

Strong Iron Cool Handle 

Esspy Deep Delux Iron (CI Casting) puri maker comes with a strong iron cool handle which is useful to press the dough when placed between the roti makers and make a perfect shape and sized roti. Its handle is made up of pure iron which makes pressing quite easy and simple. This is perfect for those who are looking for a manual/press roti maker as it comes with all basic requirements and at affordable prices.


This roti maker is available to help you to make a perfect shape, fluffy roti in less time and at a reasonable cost. Using this, you and your family member will surely appreciate your delicious food and efforts. During this pandemic, most of the people are facing budget issues, but this amazing machine matches your budget and completes your requirement of roti, especially those who include roti in their day to day routine or in every meal.

Anti-Skid Heavy Base

It’s made with an anti-skid heavy iron base which enhances its durability and makes it unique from others that are available in the market. Its iron (CI Casting) body makes it strong and helps in maintaining the stability and doesn’t move while preparing roti into it. However, the plate in between the upper and lower of the roti maker is made of steel just to give you non-sticky roti. It is one of the most important features that every roti makers have.

Larger Capacity

Using this roti maker, one can make numerous roti at less time or we can say that it completes your daily routine of roti requirement and make you and your family happy with having the perfect fluffy roti. However, with this roti maker, you can easily make chapati in almost 5-10 minutes. Just pick out the best roti maker in your home and make your life easy and comfortable.

1-Year Warranty

This Esspy Deep Deluxe Iron (CI Casting) Puri Maker comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. In case, when any issue arises inside the machine, and if the product is under warranty, then the company will rectify it without charging any cost from the customer. We recommend you to choose this option as it has almost everything that you are looking for. One most important thing is that it always fits your pocket, even when you are tight with the budget.

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Well, after reading the above-mentioned points, it will be easy for you to pick the best manual/ press roti maker for your home or choose the best roti partner for yourself. Though making the perfect size roti is quite difficult especially for the 21st-century generation, yet choosing the roti maker for it is the most wonderful option as it saves both time and money. Here, we have also mentioned some pros and cons of this roti maker which are as follows:


  • Time-consuming,
  • Iron material (CI Casting),
  • Easy to clean,
  • Handiest,
  • Minimum efforts,
  • Great capacity,
  • Suitable for poori, roti, and khakra.


  • Handle creates a problem.
  • Heavy-weight.

Nowadays, out of all manual/press roti makers, it is one of the best, useful and time-efficient kitchen appliances and must be used by those who eat roti in their every meal or consumes on regular basis. With the above-mentioned features, we suggest you go with this best manual/press roti maker always. Make yourself comfortable and free in the kitchen by just focusing to prepare a variety of delicious veggies as this appliance is available to resolve your roti making issue.