Esspy™ DEEP Quality Iron(CI Casting) Bid Roti Maker – Reviews and Guide

Roti is always the north Indian staple food, where consumption of rice is comparatively smaller in quantities in their meals. Usually, we Indians prefer roti in almost all the meals which we have in a day. Roti is the essential one in the complete meal. But somehow making round-shaped roti is quite typical at least for 21st-century generations people. However, roti is not good to taste until it is proper in shape and size. Therefore, good shape and size of chapatis make it tastier and reminds us of the handmade rotis of our mother and grandmother which is not only tasty but also hygienic.

Are you troubling with the same issue and are unable to make perfect roti with the use of ‘Chakla Belan’? Well, don’t worry as we are here to provide information regarding one of the best roti makers which one can ever have or you can say the best kitchen partner which can help you in making roti without any hassle or taking your much time. This Esspy Deep Deluxe Heavy Quality Iron (CI Casting) roti maker comes with various features that prove them to be the best partner in your kitchen.

We all love to have roti or parathas with different hot vegetables, dal, or even enjoy roti alone with pickle, curd, and honey. Therefore, roti plays a vital role in completing our meal. To consider your needs and understand the situation of working women and especially those who are away from their home and misses roti in their meal, this Deep Deluxe Iron Bid Puri maker serves to be the perfect roti maker which helps to make fluffy and delicious roti instantly. Moreover, it is known to be one of the most economical products due to its huge savings and works on manpower. It doesn’t require any power consumption. It can give you flexible, thin roti and adjustable size as per your requirements.

This Esspy Deep Deluxe Iron (CI Casting) roti maker comes with a convenient and high-quality iron body that impacts the size and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It comes with a robust mechanical structure and a heavy-duty body which is easy to handle and carry wherever you want. Below we have mentioned detailed information regarding their features, price, and other important things which will also help you in opting for the best roti makers from the market.

Esspy™ DEEP Quality Iron(CI Casting) Bid Roti Maker


·       Material: Iron (CI Casting)

·       Size: Medium

·       Display Weight: 3300.0 Grams

·       Diameter: 7 Inches

·       Durable

·       Anti-Skid Base

·       Un-breakable Iron Handle Press

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Roti Maker Usage & Tips 

The user’s guide is the key aspect of almost every product and the same is applicable with this roti maker. For enhancing the life of the machine and operate it accurately without any hassle, we recommend you follow some tips which should be essential for the easy-going of the machine. They are as follows:

  • Place the roti maker on the flat surface or the kitchen countertop just to make perfect roti.
  • While making dough for roti with the roti maker, keep it a little softer than the dough you prepare to make roti manually on chakla belan.
  • Always press the handle lightly or just for a second to make perfect and fluffy roti even from corners as well.
  • Using it, you can get lots of Rotis you want in very little time without putting much effort into it and enjoy the roti always with your favorite vegetables.

Key Features of Esspy Deep Deluxe Iron (CI Casting) Roti Maker

The Esspy Deep Deluxe Iron (CI Casting) Roti Maker is a manual/ press roti making machine. However, it takes very little space inside the kitchen countertop and can make many Rotis ready in an hour. In general, this roti maker is designed to place it in the countertop position and use it comfortably whenever you want to. This perfect machine comes with various features that we will be going to discuss below and also help you in choosing the best partner in your kitchen and resolve your roti making issue just in a minute. Some of the important features of this roti maker are as follows:

Iron (CI Casting) Body

This roti maker comes in medium size with a weight of 3300.0 grams which is perfect for roti making and it is made up of heavy quality iron (CI Casting). It will help you in maintaining your health as irons are very much essential for all of us. However, in ancient times, people use to make roti and vegetables using iron Tawa and kadhai as they believe that iron is healthier for the body. So, it is the best option which you can opt from the various other options available in the market, even this roti maker fits with your budget.

Unbreakable Handle Press

Choosing the best resistant and best roti maker is important for everyone who is looking for the best manual/ press roti maker for their kitchen. This roti maker comes with the unbreakable strong iron made handle press which helps you to make the perfect gripping on the roti maker. Hence, accordingly, you can give perfect shape to the dough and get delicious roti in a second.

Anti-Skid Base 

Well, Anti-Skid Base is an important factor for every roti maker either manual or electric. Having the anti-skid heavy base in the roti makers, you can make roti without moving the machine from their place. You just have to set the dough between the machines and press the handle. By doing it, will help you in preparing bulks of roti in just a few minutes. We recommend you to go with this roti maker as it has all the essential features and comes at cost-effective prices. Apart from this, it is durable and works manually, so there are no worries about electricity and you can use it whenever you want to.

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Below we have mentioned some pros and cons of this product which are as follows:


  • Economical,
  • Noise and power free,
  • Durable,
  • Iron (CI Casting) body,
  • Makes thin and perfect shape roti,
  • Easily clean,
  • Handy.


  • Doesn’t found any cons in this product.

In the above-mentioned article, we have mentioned almost everything related to this best manual/press roti maker and it will surely help you in the kitchen in making the perfect shape, size, and lots of rotis in just a few minutes. Therefore, if you are looking out for some budget-friendly and best featured manual roti maker, we recommend you to go with this option as it is the perfect partner for you in the kitchen.