Lukzer Arctic Air Cooler – Reviews and Guide

India being a tropical country experiences high summer temperatures. To combat the soaring heat of the summer sun, air conditioners are a bit expensive option to opt for. Hence, most people choose to buy the best room air coolers to spend their summertime comfortably. Bring the advanced and latest Arctic air cooler designed by Lukzer this summer and spend cosy and comfortable time with your family. This a portable, little device which can be carried around anywhere. With its special cooling mechanism, it would provide you with your much-needed relief and help you get a good night sleep.

How to use air coolers?

Usually, you need to supply them with fresh air constantly for their optimum functioning. But the room has to be an enclosed space to let the air cooler bring down the room temperature faster. Without a supply of fresh air, your room would feel clammy and damp as the humidity level would increase, which is why you need something like the Arctic Cooler to deal with the humidity.

Like most other air coolers, the Arctic air cooler also has to be filled in with water manually. It is a type of personal space air cooler which comes in a small rectangular shape, unlike the other room air coolers available in the market. But, like the best room air coolers, it filtrates the atmospheric air from dust, dirt particles, bacteria through its evaporative filter and circulates the room with nothing but cool fresh air.

However, you need to know that the Lukzer Arctic air cooler isn’t idle for cooling an entire room. They are more of a personal space air cooler, enough to keep the air around you cool and fresh. All you have to do is fill in the appliance with water and plug it to a source of power and sit back and enjoy! The Arctic air cooler has been made using the best of technologies available, making it capable of running for 8 consecutive hours per fill! This specially designed personal air cooler makes the minimum noise but provides you with a maximum cooling effect.

It’s equipped with LED mood light setting, allowing users to change its colour. Just think about the space and power consumption required by traditional big sized room coolers! Don’t you think this is the best go-to option which is comparatively affordable but equally effective? If you are still doubtful whether to buy this super Amazing appliance, reading some of its advanced features mentioned below might help you in making a decision.

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Lukzer Arctic Air Cooler

Powerful Cooling

Its specially designed fans built with specific angles provides you with maximum air throw. The appliance is completely user-oriented, made to provide users with the most powerful and effective cooling. The Arctic air cooler not only provides you with cool air but also purifies and humidifies the air.

Advanced Features

By now you must be knowing that it’s designed with the latest features, making it an effective personal air cooler. There’s a timer function, led lights setting, remote control operation, hassle-free experience and whatnot. Further its 3-speed fans and multidirectional air vents ensure that the air is circulated within the maximum possible distance.

Compact Design

We have already stated that this appliance comes in a small, rectangular shape. Its compact design and attractive look have made it portable and the top choice of several homeowners.

Makes minimum noise

The appliance makes the minimum noise while working, allowing you to work or sleep peacefully. Also, it works straight for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch so you don’t have to wake up in between and fill the container with fresh water.

Energy efficient

Just like its small size, it consumes small amounts of energy. It is extremely energy efficient and hence one of the best options for homeowners.

Efficient cooling mechanism

Built using the hydro chill technology, this cooler draws in hot atmospheric air and passes it through an evaporative filter, cleaning the air of all germs and pollutants. It refreshes the air and circulates it inside the room.


Lukzer has developed some of the most innovatively designed consumer appliances. The  Arctic air cooler is one of them. It takes care of user’s preferences and helps you create your personalised climate around yourself.

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Inverter compatible

Even if your main source of power goes off, it can run on inverters. This ensures uninterrupted cooling performance. However, you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills. The Arctic air cooler is the minimum power requirement.

Water level controller and indicator

This feature allows users to know the level of water present inside the water tank. Once it goes below a certain level, the user has to manually add water to it.

Easy maintenance

The Arctic air coolers are relatively easy to maintain. Just like humidifiers, they have to be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and mould from building up inside the appliance. If it does so, it would hamper its functioning. If your manufacturer has recommended draining it every week, do so.

It would prevent any kind of fungus growth. Another thing that you have to do is replace or clean the cooling fans every month or when advised to. This would let the fans absorb maximum moisture from the air, giving out cooler air. Following these few maintenance steps would ensure the appliance’s longevity.

Lukzer has introduced the newly developed Arctic air cooler, that lets users experience a personal cooling space. It is equipped with better features making it twice effective than the other Arctic air coolers. The secret to its effective cooling performance is the hydro chill technology, which supplies maximum cool air instantly, making it one of the best room air coolers ideal for homeowners.

You can customise your cooling experience by changing the fan speed from medium to low and high speed. The most important point is you get a 1-year warranty along with this product. Also, it has a compact design, which lets you carry it anywhere.