M Tech Roti Maker/Poori Press Machine – Reviews and Guide

Did you ever realize your kitchen is missing something? Or you need a partner for making roti? Are you a working woman? No time, to spend in the kitchen? Thus, if you are tired of making roti in the kitchen, and lacking the round shape and perfectly cooked delicious roti, then don’t worry and just follow our article to get to know all details about it and solve your problem. We will guide you to get the perfect shape and delicious fluffy roti without spending much time in the kitchen.

Well, roti is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and it is made from the flour which is usually referred to as wheat stone flour. Generally, we Indians add roti in every meal or we can say without roti our meal is incomplete. Though, roti is essential for daily routine as we consume it with various veggies, sauces, wrapped around food, or even we take it with honey or pickle that simply means it is quite necessary for our day to day routine life.

Therefore, if you are a roti lover, surely you do consume it in your everyday meal. Moreover, if you are a student or job holder and is away from home then you would love to prepare roti to maintain your hygiene where a good and perfectly shaped chapati will be one of the priorities. So, here we will define and guide you regarding the best manual/press roti maker which will surely help you in the kitchen without even taking your much time. If you are looking for best and affordable roti maker for your kitchen, we recommend you to choose M tech Puri Poori Press Machine. It is one of the best and cost-effective roti makers available in the market, these days. It comes with the great build quality and designer looks which makes it easy for you to place anywhere in the kitchen and instantly get fluffy and delicious Rotis, poori’s, parathas, and khakhra’s in just a few minutes. Let’s explore all the important details about this amazing roti maker!

M Tech Roti Maker/Poori Press Machine


·       Diameter: 4 inches

·       Iron body

·       Anti-Skid base

·       Small-Size

·       Resistant handle technology

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Roti Maker Usage & Tips 

Using any kitchen appliances with tips will make devices easier to operate and also increases the life of the machine. Below are the useful tips of the roti maker which will surely help you in operating the machine. One can also order this perfect roti maker online. Consider the following points before using the roti maker which is as follows:

  • For making the perfect shape, and sized roti, we suggest you place the roti maker on the countertop or a flat surface.
  • While preparing roti on the roti maker, always remember that the dough which is prepared should be softer than the dough you usually prepare for the roti on the ‘Chakla Belan’.
  • Ensure not to press the handle tightly or press it for a second.
  • Using this roti maker, you can prepare bulks of roti in just a few minutes. Thus, in this way, you won’t be afraid to invite guests in your home and serve fluffy and delicious roti to all in the table and make them happy.

Key Features of M Tech Puri Press/ Poori Machine (Size in Diameter 4)

Before buying any product, we always look for their features, reviews, and price. Hence, as per these criteria, we decide to purchase the product. Features are a very essential thing for every electric appliance and as per features we spend money on particular products. Similarly, it is applicable with roti makers too, where you can choose the best manual/press roti maker for your kitchen as per their features and prices. Here are some of the best features of M Tech Puri Press/ Poori Machine which are as follows:

Iron (CI Casting) Body 

The M Tech Puri Press/ Poori Maker is being considered the best roti maker as it can prepare roti’s in bulk and is manufactured with high build quality iron which is good for our body. As it is a heavy pressure machine, it enhances the durability of the machine and also comes in pocket-friendly prices that surely will suit your budget. However, you will certainly get it on use and even don’t have to worry about the material it is made up of, as M Tech will always serve you quality products.

Anti-Skid Base 

Its Anti-Skid base feature maintains the stability on the countertop so that it doesn’t move from its place while preparing roti on it. It always comes pre-tested from the company and is enormously durable. You just have to lay the flour dough in between the center of the roti maker and even you don’t have to press much tightly, as it is heavy. After that, you will get a perfect size and shaped roti. Accordingly, you can cook it well on Tawa to enjoy the delicious and fluffy roti in your every meal.

Resistant Handle Technology 

This perfect M Tech Puri Press/ Poori machine comes with unbreakable handle technology where its handle is made up of high-quality iron and is even heavy. For preparing roti, you just need to press the handle with light hands and it will convert the dough into the shape of roti or poori. However, this will make roti constantly well and every flatbread looks consistent accordingly. Having this roti maker in your home will help you to get the perfect partner in your kitchen and make roti comfortably. Even in hot summer and humid rainy season, it will always stand with you to serve delicious chapatis to your family members.

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Every machine has some pros and cons that you have to know which are as follows: 


  • Stylish Designer look,
  • Made with pure iron (CI Casting),
  • Best suitable for Pooris,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Handy,
  • Affordable,
  • Durability.


  • Not much suitable for making roti.

Above we have mentioned almost every essential thing about this roti-maker and this article will surely help you in choosing the best-featured roti maker for your home. This perfect roti maker comes in cost-effective prices that perfectly fit the pocket of every person. In this article, we have covered everything regarding the M Tech Puri Press/ Poori Machine that helps you in making oil-free fluffy pooris without any effort in just no-time. Make perfect roti for your family members and admire them with different delicious veggies.

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