Orient Electric Smartcool – Reviews and Guide

Due to the wide popularity of air coolers in India, several leading electronic brands are introducing innovative air coolers in the market to meet the rising demands of the consumers. Air coolers provide you the right amount of cooling during summers as well as the rainy season. Air coolers are in demand these days because they are not only eco-friendly but also extremely cost-effective. You can get the best room air coolers within your budget and home requirements.

With a lot of options available in the market, it is highly important to choose the best air cooler that suits the unique requirements of your home. Air coolers are capable of providing a great level of cooling in an energy-efficient way. Whether you are struggling with scorching heat during summers or residing in an area with an extremely humid climate, air coolers can give you the ultimate comfort.

How do they work?

The process of air coolers is different from other alternative cooling appliances as they use upgraded methods of evaporative cooling. The simple techniques used in air coolers produce a similar cooling effect like that of the latest air-conditioning technologies. This air moving arrangement in air coolers helps in pulling fresh air from outside and let it enter through the wet cooling pads. When the water evaporates, it brings the air temperature down, which then moves through the fan and spreads all over the room.

Such personal air coolers are widely used in the places having humid climatic conditions. They are specially designed to be used in various weather conditions. The essential benefits you get through air coolers are portability, less energy consumption, easy storage, and, most importantly, they do not require any type of installation. This is the reason; a majority of people in India opt for the best room air coolers that are effective as well as budget-friendly.

With the availability of different brands in the market presently, you may have the confusion of selecting the suitable one. However, if you are looking for a compact and economical personal air cooler, then Orient Electric Smartcool -DX CP1601H 16-Litre is the perfect solution to all your cooling requirements. It consists of honeycomb cooling pads that provide superior cooling performance. The form and functionality of this personal air cooler are completely on par to fit the requirements of any residential property. The attractive design also makes it great for any corner of your home. This personal air cooler is extremely easy to maintain with economical operation costs, offering true value for money. Come let’s take a deeper look into it.

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Orient Electric Smartcool

Cooling pads

The efficiency of air coolers highly relies on its cooling pads because it directly impacts the functionality. Cooling pads absorb water, thereby allowing air to move through it which helps to cool the room down. If the cooling pads are thicker, it produces a much more intense cooling effect. Orient Electric Smartcool comes with honeycomb cooling pads that can hold more water. Thus, when hot air pulls through these pads, it cools down faster because of the water retained in the cooling pads. 

The honeycomb cooling pads are highly durable & offer cooling effects for 4-5 years until the next replacement. These cooling pads have low maintenance too. You can easily wash out debris and minerals present in these honeycomb cooling pads to maintain its efficiency. These long-lasting pads provide 25% optimum cooling and 45% more water retention to meet all your cooling requirements.


The most important thing to consider when buying anything for your home is its design. Along with the aesthetic design, the complete shockproof ABS plastic body of the Orient Electric Smartcool is safe to handle and comes with powerful heat resistance features. Due to its advanced thermoplastic engineering, the material is widely used in several electronic housings and many other products. Along with that, the Orient Electric Smartcool has dimensions of 46.0 X 34.0 X 66 and weighs 8kg. This air cooler consists of a specially designed net that also helps to restrict mosquitoes and dust from entering. There are 4 castor wheels for easy mobility so you can use it in any room.


The airflow mainly depends on the blower or fan used in the air cooler. The fan usually produces airflow with low pressure and in lesser volumes. However, blowers produce airflow with high pressure and at higher volumes. This is why it is necessary to check whether the air cooler contains multiple speed settings.

This Orient Electric Smartcool personal air cooler has a blower type that comes with a tank capacity of 16 liters. It has an air delivery of 1300 Cu.M. /Hr with an air throw distance of 7.6 meters. The 3-speed control helps in adjusting the speed according to your choice. This personal air cooler is capable of cooling approximately 150 sqft within very less time.

Ice compartment

Most of the manufacturers add an innovative feature to their products, such as ice compartments and ice gel packs, in order to intensify the cooling effect. With the availability of ice compartments in this cooler, you can easily add ice during high temperatures to produce chilled air faster.

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Inverter compatible

Air coolers are popular because of their low energy consumption. This is the reason why Orient has brought you air coolers that can run on inverters. The Orient Electric Smartcool comes with this added feature too. It can run on inverter power, so you can rest assured during power cuts. Also, this personal air cooler consumes up to 50% less power as compared to any ordinary cooler.


The Orient Electric Smartcool consists of special features with simple operation and easy maintenance, while the cooling pads are reusable with minimal maintenance needs. The water level indicator feature reduces the risk of leakage too. And the portable feature allows you to place it anywhere. So it scores pretty high on the usage department.

What’s the verdict?

If you want to enjoy and relax during the summers or in this hot, humid weather, then get the best room air coolers for your home today.