SHOPECOM Stainless Steel Roti Press Maker – Reviews and Guide

Are you fed up by making roti? Facing problem in making perfect round shape roti? Well, do you know roti making or cooking is an art that needs patience and time? However, roti making is the time taken to process, especially in Indian families as roti is necessary for a daily routine meal of Indians. Even roti is the favorite food of North Indians as their meal is incomplete without it. Making perfect round shape roti is a difficult job for all those who don’t have any knowledge to cook in the kitchen or making roti. But using roti maker you can easily get bulks round shape perfect roti in a few minutes. Using manual/press roti maker saves lots of time and power as it needs little of manual work and in return, it will make delicious roti for you and family and makes them happy.

In India, people are in love with roti and need perfect and delicious roti every time even sometimes they are quite judgemental about it. Since we recommend you to start using the Shopecom Stainless Steel Puri Poori Maker Machine and make your life easy and simple. This roti maker helps you in making roti much softer, fluffier, and perfectly shaped roti in just a few seconds.

This kitchen appliance is a fully manual roti making machine so it does not require any power consumption or electricity, it just needs a bit of manpower. Well, roti is nothing just a flatbread made up of wheat flour and essential for day to day life; without it, the meal cannot be completed. Apart from this, roti can be eaten with anything like with different veggies, dal, or alone from honey, pickle, and curd as it can be suited with everything. This roti maker comes with the range that will suit your pocket.

This Shopecom Stainless Steel Puri Poori Maker Machine is manufactured with a high-quality stainless steel body with rubber covering handle press that makes perfect gripping on the machine. It always comes with the tough involuntary body structure and is perfect in size so that you can carry it with you anywhere and also it takes less space.

Below we are going to explain everything about this amazing roti maker such as features, usage & tips, pros, and cons which will help choose the best and affordable roti maker for your home or a perfect partner for your kitchen.

SHOPECOM Stainless Steel Roti Press Maker


·       Material: Stainless steel

·       Diameter: 6.5 Inches

·       Non-slippery plastic handle

·       Anti-skid sole

·       1-Year Warranty

·       Wide-base

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Roti Maker Usage & Tips 

As we all know that user guides or tips are essential for operating any electric devices for it tells us about how to easily and safely operate the machine without facing any trouble. Below we have discussed some useful tips which will help you to use the machine and should be necessary to know before using any electrical devices. They are as follows:

  • Try to locate the roti maker on the plain or flat surface or use it on the kitchen countertop.
  • The dough which you have prepared for making roti with roti maker must be softer than the one which you prepare usually.
  • Always try to press the handle slightly or press it just for seconds and get perfect roti in their shape.
  • With roti maker, you can get several rotis in an hour, just invite the unlimited and serve them roti altogether in a combination of various veggies and get an appreciation for the tastier food you have made.

Key Features of SHOPECOM Stainless Steel Puri Poori Press Presser Maker Machine

The SHOPECOM stainless steel puri poori press presser maker machine is a perfect roti making machine for those who are in love with roti but is unable to make it in round shape. This is pretty small in size and can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen and can make thin rotis in bulks with perfect thin corners and round in shape. It is made with high-quality stainless steel with rubber covering handle press that makes it different from others and is available in the market. Are you looking for heavy-duty roti presser, and then you are in the right place. Below we have discussed all the features related to this perfect roti maker in details which are as follows:

Stainless Steel Body

This roti maker comes with the latest food-grade technology stainless steel which will help flatten or press poori, roti, parathas in the kitchen, and becomes a perfect partner in the kitchen. It is a heavy presser machine with nearly 1 kg in weight with easy operations. However, it perfectly works and compatible for beginners or who are away from their home to make thin and perfectly shaped roti in just a few seconds. Due to the stainless steel body, it is easy to clean with a dry or moist cloth.

Anti-Skid Base 

This roti presser machine comes with an anti-skid base or sole that allows the presser machine not to move and stable at the place which you have set while pressing the dough ball. Though, some roti makers have this issue yet these anti-skid features are quite essential as this is a heavy pressure machine. If this feature doesn’t exist then it might cause injury to the people who use it. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty; if any issue arises then the company will resolve it. It’s quite economical and durable at affordable prices.

Resistant Handle Press

While purchasing manual/press roti makers always remember that the handle press is quite resistant and comes with a rubber cover handle for easy and comfortable gripping on the machine. However, this is an important feature of the roti maker as you can make roti by pressing the dough ball in between the machine. Apart from this, this roti maker can be budget-friendly and fits your pocket when you are tight with the budget.

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Here we have mentioned some pros and cons related to this wonderful roti maker machine which you need to consider while purchasing the machine. They are as follows:  


  • Original & genuine product
  • Easy to clean
  • Handful
  • Heavy presser machine
  • Suits with all needs of roti, poori, parathas
  • Elegant design
  • Affordable 


  • An issue with handle press
  • Not suitable for making roti

Above we have mentioned almost everything about this roti maker, which should be recommended while purchasing the roti maker either online or at a nearby store.  Also, we believe that this article will surely help you in choosing the best roti maker for your kitchen and also to choose the best roti partner for you by which you can complete the needs of every member of your family in just a few minutes!