Symphony Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler – Reviews and Guide

The scorching heat of the summer sun makes it difficult for people to survive. During such times, a high-performance air cooler is extremely essential. Well, no worries, bring the Symphony Jumbo 70 litre desert air cooler in your house and get relief from the staunching summers. Not only does it lower the room temperature but also retains the cool ambience of the room for a long time, giving you comfortable hours of sleep. The Symphony jumbo air cooler is an extremely effective desert air cooler which is at present the top preference of most homeowners. With its powerful fans, effective cooling pads, low power consumption and aesthetic design, it is presently one of the highly demanded desert air coolers.

How does an air cooler work

Air coolers work on the mechanism of evaporative cooling. They pull the atmospheric air into the machine and pass it through wet cooling pads. When the hot air comes in contact with the cool cooling pads, evaporation takes place. Ultimately the cool air devoid of humidity is circulated inside the room, bringing down the room’s temperature. Earlier air coolers didn’t have a temperature controlling feature. But now, with modern technologies being used to manufacture them, the top desert air coolers come with various features which have further enhanced their room cooling performance.

Why a desert air cooler?

If you reside in a dry, humid area, buying an air cooler is the best option. It consumes less power, thereby lessening your electricity bills and improves the air quality of your room. Above all this, desert air coolers are eco-friendly too. Desert air coolers are better than the room air coolers on another ground too, which is, you can fix them even outside your room and enjoy the cool air inside.

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Symphony Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler

Product description

Symphony Jumbo 70 is a highly effective desert air cooler designed for providing cool air especially to houses in hot and humid conditions. The design is extremely versatile and it would fit in everywhere, no matter if it’s a spacious living room or a medium-sized urban room or an outdoor space. To cater to every kind of your cooling needs, this is the best go-to option for homeowners.

Symphony Jumbo desert air cooler has several reasons to stand out as a cooling appliance in the market. Needless to say, it has been manufactured using the best of technologies available. It is equipped with a 3 side aspen cooling pad, ensuring the best cooling system. It consumes about 185 watts of power and cools every corner of your room efficiently.

However, these air coolers work best in rooms which are properly ventilated. Hence, for homeowners, it’s important to keep your rooms well ventilated to experience the maximum cooling effects. It comes with several other features which make its mechanism even better like automatic vertical swing, which ensures performance involving minimum noise, maximum air throw and air coverage, cool flow dispenser, 3-speed fan etc. The machine is portable as it comes with a trolley with wheels. Hence you can shift this machine to any part of your house as per your needs. Powered by the latest and advanced i-pure technology, this appliance has an allergy filter, smell filter, bacteria filter and dust filter all of which functions towards delivering fresh and filtered cool air inside the room.

Let’s take a detailed look into the features:

Cool Flow Dispenser

The cool flow dispenser circulates water evenly causing the room to cool better. It is unique and channelises the water distribution properly. Also, the air cooler is equipped with a temperature control feature which allows users to adjust the settings and choose the air throw level they are comfortable with.

Dura-pump Technology

The pump of the Symphony Jumbo air cooler has been made using the special dura pump technology. The technology is advanced, ensuring a long life span of the appliance. It also enhances the working of the pump.

Powerful Fans

Symphony jumbo air cooler comes with durable fans which results in a better air throw, spreading cool air throughout the room quickly. Also, they work quietly making the minimum noise possible and results in faster cooling.

Low Power Consumption

This air cooler is suitable for homeowners the most because it consumes less power, thereby keeping their electricity bills low. The air cooler runs on an operating cost of a fan only.

Use it Inside, Use it Outside

You can fix the Symphony desert air cooler anywhere in your room. You can even place it outside and it would work just fine. It is designed to provide comfort whenever you need relief, both indoors and outdoors.

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Trolley with Castor Wheels

The. Symphony air cooler is equipped with durable and high-quality trolley wheels which enable users to fix the machine easily anywhere and shift it from one room to the other. The castor wheels can rotate at 360° angle. All credits to this smart feature for allowing users to move the cooler in and around the house.

Cooling and Airflow Capacity

This appliance has a massive air throw capacity and a high air delivery. On top of this, its effectiveness cool air dispenser makes it an even more efficient cooling appliance.

Side Cooling Pad with Large Pad Area

The cooling pads are large, giving the outside air the much-needed surface area for fast evaporation. The fast the evaporation takes place, the quicker will the room cool down.

Overflow Outlet

The Symphony air cooler also has an overflow outlet that drains the excess water out of the machine. People can keep a bucket at the end of the pipe, thus collecting wastewater.

Ice/Water Inlet Chamber

The appliance also has an ice chamber where people can put large cubes of ice. It would further enhance the air cooling capacity of the appliance.

As you already know, Symphony is a trusted brand. Everything about the Symphony Jumbo 70 litre air cooler is worth your money. Bring this king-sized, elegantly designed air cooler and enjoy your summers! Weighing about 15.5 kg, measuring 655mm x 634mm x 838mm, it is portable and comes with a one year warranty. So what are you waiting for? Quickly go and grab this super appliance at a highly discounted price.