Symphony Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler – Reviews and Guide

Get ready to enjoy a cool and comfortable summertime with the world’s first-ever digitalized desert air cooler, the symphony storm 70i air cooler! With the staunching heat of the sun, it becomes difficult for people to spend the summer days without a home cooling appliance. What better product can there be than the symphony storm air cooler? Its brilliant air throw, 7-speed function, LCD screen, and sleek design has made it the top choice of most homeowners.

How do air coolers work?

Air coolers provide cool air through the evaporation of the hot atmospheric air. In simple terms, the air cooler draws in hot outside air into it and passes it through the cool and wet cooling pads. When hot air comes in contact with cold cooling pads, the pads absorb the heat from the water, leaving the water cool. This cool air is then circulated inside the room. To provide people with maximum cooling experience, the best desert air coolers have an ice tray where people can keep large ice cubes.

Built with high cooling performance, the symphony storm 70i air cooler is the best air cooling appliance available at present. No matter you fix it in a spacious room or outdoor space or a coffee shop or office, it would work wonders. Its sleek and stylish design would also complement the decor of any space. With its modern features, this product is here to rule the market. It has a tank capacity of 70 liters, meaning it can hold about 70 liters of water, providing constant cooling results for long hours. Further, its mechanism has been facilitated by various other features like dura pump technology, effective cooling pads, i pure technology, 7-speed function, remote control feature, LCD screen, etc. We have talked about each of these features in detail below.

Symphony Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler

Effective cooling

Built using efficient and durable fan blades, automatic vertical swing, and honeycomb cooling pads on 3 sides, the symphony storm 70i ensures the best cooling experience for its users. It also has a cool flow dispenser which facilities the cooling mechanism.

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LCD Control Panel

The latest symphony storm 70i air cooler is equipped with a user-oriented LCD control panel which is easy to be operated. Through this feature, you can personalize your cooling experience. It has feather touch controls and a large LCD screen having an inbuilt remote dock.

Low Power Consumption

It consumes only 365 watts of power and has an extremely low power requirement. Hence this is ideal for homeowners as it wouldn’t increase your home electricity bills.

Powerful Blower with 7-Speed Option

The Symphony air cooler comes with an effective blower and a 7-speed option. It means that you can regulate the speed of the fan. It also ensures better air throw inside the room and results in a faster cooling experience.

It can be installed anywhere

The cooler is designed in such a way which makes it ideal to be fitted anywhere. You can fix it inside or outside your house as per your needs.

Aesthetic Design

The cooler has an extremely aesthetic and attractive design. It can fit into any corner of a room, be it your living space, office, restaurant, etc. Its white color makes it even more appealing to our eyes. Also, its sleek design consumes minimum space and can fit into any corner of the room.


The symphony storm 70i air cooler comes with durable castor wheels. Thanks for its portability that you can shift this appliance all around your room or office. You can relocate this appliance as and when required.

Built using i-pure technology

The cooler has been made using the latest i-pure technology making it super effective and efficient. This technology helps the machine stop various pollutants and dust particles from entering the room, thus circulating only fresh air inside the room. Also, the machine’s fan motor is made using the dura pump technology which has made the pump even more durable and long-lasting. The air cooler is equipped with an allergy filter, smell filter, bacteria filter, 2.5wash filter, and dust filter to filtrate the atmospheric air of all pollutants.

Cooling pads

The honeycomb cooling pads facilitate the evaporation process thus cooling the room faster and quicker. Also, the cooling pads are large, providing the machine with the required surface area to evaporate maximum hot air at one go.  With these cooling pads, the Symphony air cooler provides optimum cooling results.

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Massive air throw

The air throw of this appliance is huge. It delivers about 4500 cubic meters of air per hour. It has an auto vertical Louvre movement which ensures that the air covers every corner of the room.

Remote control

This is the first digitalized air cooling appliance that has been designed in the market. It has an inbuilt remote dock which allows people to control the temperature settings from a distance. Thus when the temperature drops too low at midnight, you can change the temperature and even set a timer. The appliance will automatically stop working at the right time. At the press of a few buttons, you can entirely control this machine.

Water level indicator

There’s a water level indicator present. It lets you see the level of water present in the tank. If the water tank becomes empt6, the empty water tank alarm will continue to ring unless it draws in more water through the water inlet.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, it also has a restore settings function. If you have a power cut, you don’t have to worry about restoring the previous settings. The appliance will resume its mechanism according to the preset settings. Also, the cooler’s SMPS technology protects the cooler from voltage fluctuations. A combination of all these latest features has enabled the appliance to deliver optimum cooling effects to its users.

What’s the verdict?

Symphony is a highly reputed brand that produces quality products. The symphony storm 70i desert air cooler with all its advanced features is one of the best desert air coolers available in the market right now.