The Bajaj Platini Px97 Torque – Reviews and Guide

In India, air coolers are needed all around the year as the days and nights tend to be warm right after the winter season is over. The high temperature persists even during the rainy season, so the only way to beat such a dry and hot climate is by investing in an air cooler that will not only keep your room cool but also make the entire environment inside the house much more comfortable with the brilliant cooling technologies.

How does it work?

If you are wondering how an air cooler can uplift the comfort level of your house drastically, then you must know that the machine utilizes pure water to bring down the temperature of the warm air circulating inside the house. But what makes your rooms feel more comfortable is the fact that the Best Room Air Coolers will not only cool down the air but will also humidify it to take away all the dryness and make your rooms cozy and comfortable irrespective of the weather outside!

A major reason why air coolers are the most preferred cooling appliance in the country is the affordability of such products. Along with being light on the pockets, they are also environment friendly, and will surely reduce your carbon footprints. But which one to use? It can be quite confusing with so many options out there. But if you go with the popularity of the model, then the Bajaj Platini px97 torque 36-Ltrs personal air cooler is certainly the one for you.

The bajaj Platini px97 torque personal air cooler is everything that you need to make your room chilled during the unbearably hot summer days without burning a hole in your pocket. High on performance and low on energy consumption, this air cooler is bound to impress you. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

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The Bajaj Platini Px97 Torque

Humidity control

The bajaj Platini px97 torque is perfect for your home irrespective of your location, because of the advanced humid control technology that ensures a cool and comfortable environment inside the room, even at places that are extremely humid. Humidity affects the process of evaporation which slows down the functioning of the air coolers. But the humidity control technology reduces the impact of humidity on the cooler which facilitates a fast evaporative cooling.

Cooling pads

The innovative design aids in the cooling process, which is further boosted by the presence of the cooling pads on all three sides of the cooling cabinet. These pads provide the machine with a much-needed surface area that promotes fast evaporation & cooling. The pads offer a strong surround cooling effect on all three sides which maximizes the comfort level of the users as it brings the temperature of the room down within a short span of time, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions.

The best part about these honeycomb pads is that they can be easily removed, washed, and reused. The thick and durable nature of these specialized pads ensures their longevity even after repeated washes for a long period of time. Also, they are quite low on maintenance, so you won’t have to spend much time cleaning or washing it.


The Chill Trap technology is another brilliant innovation that is bound to elevate your experience of using this air cooler. This technology is used specifically in the cooling pads that have been positioned strategically to enhance the cooling capacity of the machine. This unique mechanism directs the water inside the pads, towards the warm air that enters the cooling medium of the appliance, for instant evaporation. The Chill Trap technique doesn’t just boost the efficiency of the pads and helps in cooling the indoor air faster but also reduces power consumption, which means much lower electricity bills.


The aesthetic design combined with technology, make the bajaj Platini px97 torque, a highly efficient cooler for personal usage. Made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic material, the model has a snowy white shade and a cool rectangular shape which is bound to complement your interiors. The appliance weighs 9Kg and measures 47 x 84.5 x 45 cm (W x H x D). Also, the compact design combined with the four castor wheels make this unit highly portable and the 2 knobs make the adjustment of the fan speed & the louvers seamless.


The high-speed fan installed in the bajaj Platini px97 torque provides users with a brilliant flow of air along with a 150 ft2 cooling area. The speed of the fan with 12inch blades can be altered between low, medium & high as per user preference. Perfect for both spot cooling at the office as well as the rooms in your house, the storage capacity of the water tank of this cooler is 36ltrs, which can be enough for a day.

The average delivery of air is of 1300 cubic meters /hour and you can also expect a 37feet air throw, which is quite impressive for a cooler. There’s also the seamless air disbursement system that works with the help of the automatic louvers which offer a smooth swing motion. This 4 way Air Deflection technology ensures the proper distribution of cold air in every direction.

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Carbon footprint

Being highly energy-efficient, the machine consumes only 100W which is low, even for the Best Room Air Coolers. The rated voltage is 230V while the rated frequency is 50Hz. As it is compatible with inverters, you can enjoy the chilled air even in case of power outages.


Extremely easy to use because of the high-end features and portable design. Despite being inverter compatible, there is almost no sound during operations to offer a quiet, disturbance-free environment to the user.


So, if you are in need of some relief in this hot and humid weather and looking for the Best Room Air Coolers, you can definitely go for this one.