Top 5 Bosch Ovens

A microwave oven has become one of the versatile cooking appliances in our kitchen and not just a reheating/defrosting machine. A microwave oven can be used for cooking, baking, grilling, toasting, roasting etc with the help of numerous user-friendly customized features. It is very helpful for someone who needs to cook a quick snack but don have the right skill or time. A popular brand of Microwaves is Bosch. Regardless, it is very important to know as much as you can about the product and how it is suitable for your lifestyle before buying it. Let’s discuss 5 Bosch microwave ovens for your kitchen.

Why should you choose it?

  • Capacity/ Cavity volume: 71 l
  • Product: Stainless-Steel Built-in Oven
  • Cavity Inner Surface: Enamel anthracite
  • Design: Intuitive Control Ring, 5” TFT colour and text display with touch control buttons
  • Electronic functions: Sabbath setting, heating-up control, automat. temperature proposal, actual temperature display, childproof lock: Safety switch-off function oven
  • Multiple Microwave Power Settings

Bosch (Model Number- 2019; Series- BEL553MS0i)

Why should you choose it?

  • Capacity/Cavity Volume: 25 l
  • Product: Stainless-Steel Built-in Oven
  • Cavity Inner Surface: Stainless Steel
  • Functioning: 4 defrost and 3 cooking programmes in microwave function, 1 programme for combination function
  • Warranty: 24 months from the date of purchase
  • Built-In Microwave with Fast Cooking Technology

Bosch Serie (Model No.: BFL553MS0I)

Why should you choose it?

  • Capacity/Cavity volume: 25 l
  • Cavity Inner Surface: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 24 Months Warranty
  • Type: Solo Microwave
  • Design: Multiple Microwave Power Settings and Glass door material for see-through usage
  • Convenient operation with mechanical control.

Bosch Series 4 (Model No. BEL550MS0I)

Why should you choose it?

  • Capacity/ Cavity volume: 25 l
  • Product: Stainless-Steel Built-in Oven
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Cavity Inner Surface: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Convection Cooking and easy to clean interior with smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.
  • Convectional Cooking with Multiple Heating Methods

Bosch Serie (Model No.: HBF010BR0Z)

Why should you choose it?

  • Cavity volume: 66 l
  • Product: Stainless-Steel Built-in Oven
  • Type: Convection cooking mode
  • Design: Glass door and convenient interior cleaning with smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.

Product and Specifications:

Bosch Serie (Model number: HBG633BS1J)
Bosch Serie (Model number: HBG633BS1J)
Bosch (Model Number- 2019; Series- BEL553MS0i)
Bosch (Model Number- 2019; Series- BEL553MS0i)
Bosch Serie (Model No.: BFL553MS0I)
Bosch Serie (Model No.: BFL553MS0I)
Bosch Series 4 (Model No. BEL550MS0I)
Bosch Series 4 (Model No. BEL550MS0I)
Bosch Serie (Model No.: HBF010BR0Z)
Bosch Serie (Model No.: HBF010BR0Z)
Ratings/ Remarks Item Dimensions Item Weight Capacity Length of main cable Electrical connection rating


59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm 35 kg 71 litres 120 cm 2,850 W


59.4 x 38.8 x 38.2 cm 18 kg 25 litres 130 cm 1450 W


38.8 x 59.4 x 38.2 cm 17 kg 500 g 25 litres 130 cm 1450 W


38 x 59 x 38 cm 18 kg 25 litres 130 cm 1450 W


54.8 x 59.4 x 59.5 cm 30 kg 300 g 66 litres 150 cm 3300 W

Features to Note Before Choosing Your Microwave Oven

1. Different Sizes of Microwave Oven

One of the main factors that should be taken into notice while buying a microwave oven is checking whether the capacity of the oven suits your eating habits or not. The capacity of an oven is measured in litres revealing the quantity of food which can fit inside the oven in each go. Choose the oven size by keeping your family size in mind. For 2-3 members, an oven with 18-20 litres is enough while for a larger family, the mid-sized ones with 20-23 litres of capacity with high power are suitable. The mid-sized ones are the most popular ones.

2. Power Efficiency of Microwave Oven

If you need an oven just for the sake of cooking fast-food/snacks or for 2-3 members then go for the one that requires less power. But for cooking a full meal, you need a large with high power oven. Power of mid-sized ovens can range from 800-1000watts while 1000-1600 watts for the full ones. Even smaller ones have 600-800 watts of power. Also, with the increase in voltage, the efficiency of the oven will increase while the time duration of preparing food will decrease since more power means more heat.

3. Essential Features of a Microwave Oven

There are certain additional features available in certain microwaves to make the oven more user-friendly and convenient to use. These customized features are:

  • Child Lock
  • Auto Cook
  • Automatic sensor

⮚ Child Lock Feature in Microwave Oven

To protect the children and the oven from any harm, the microwave ovens now a days are constructed with a child lock facility. This feature allows you to set an electric code/password to lock/unlock your oven. This prevents any kind of misuse of the oven by the children in your absence.

⮚ Auto Cook/Auto defrost Feature in Microwave Oven

If you are the one who is still learning how to cook, then this feature is for you. With this, you don’t need to guess the needed time and power configuration to cook. All you have to do is to choose any food item available in the auto cook menu, then set the type and finally press start.  This will let the oven automatically detect the required duration and heating power to defrost that food item.

⮚ Automatic Sensors

Also known as humidity sensor, is a feature that enables the oven to check whether the food is completely cooked or not, by itself. This happens by measuring the steam in the oven by the sensor. As the oven detects that the completion of cooking, it shuts off automatically. This feature prevents the overheating/undercooking of food. The sensor present is used to fix the cooking time by taking the food quantity into consideration.

4. Energy Ratings of Microwave Oven

Nowadays with the increase in features in different electrical appliances to make things convenient for the users, it becomes mandatory to check the energy ratings of the product before you buy them. Nearly every appliance has these ratings over their outer body or packaging. Check these out for your microwave oven too. These energy ratings are shown in form of yellow stars. More the number of yellow stars present, more energy efficient the oven is. That means lesser power consumption and more pocket friendly. This energy rating feature is promoted mainly to increase energy efficiency among the people.

5. Your Food Habits

Before choosing the kind, size and features of your microwave oven do look out for your eating habits: whether you are a foody or a diet following person; vegetarian or non- vegetarian; live in small family or a big one or is always organising parties or get togethers. Considering all of these things prefer the microwave which suits and fulfils your needs.

6. Noise

Certain microwave ovens produce a lot of noise. So, if you are some who cannot tolerate noise they produce, verify these issues beforehand with your retailer. Try out the model in the showroom itself to get a hint of the range of noise to know the expected noise from the oven. If you’re someone who has decided to buy a microwave oven online then do remember to check out the customer reviews. Here, you will get to know if any noise issue related to the product had been faced by the earlier customers or not. This will help you to uncheck the models you do not prefer. Certain microwaves, also provide the noise decibel ratings listed for the product.

7. Best Deals to Buy a Microwaves

Prefer buying an oven during the festival sales, as we have seen buying even the smallest of the ovens can cost you in thousands, so why not wait for a cheaper deal. According to the market dynamics, festivals bring in numerous discounts and sale offers both in physical shops or in online shopping, which can be very economical for you. There are other cheaper opportunities too; such as the year end sale. Also, if you need a cheaper option try buying an older model rather than the latest one.

8. Brand And Manufacture Companies

One of the most important factors which should be kept in mind before buying any electronics not just ovens is the manufacture Company of the product. Some of the popular microwave oven brands are Samsung, LG, Toshiba, IFB. These are the leading developing companies of microwave ovens. Also, check out the warranty period of these companies before finalising your oven. Certain brands such as IFB and Godrej provides three-year warranty on heating technicalities and oven body while others provide only a year warranty. Also, try preferring the microwave oven with best after sales services of the manufacturing brands.

9. Control Panels

Try buying a microwave oven with a Control panel which is suitable according to your convenience. Try going for an oven with both mechanical controls and touch control pad. Since mechanical control panels are preferred for tough and rough use whereas touch controls are delicate and prone to disruptions, the oven overall is not something you can deal harshly with. Both kinds of control panels have their own pros.

 Mechanical panels can be repaired very easily while touch controls need to be handled with care as they can fail even with slightest of roughness. Nevertheless, exact time and temperature are best chosen by touch and electronic panel only. Most companies nowadays are offering mechanical control panels with their ovens.

Details Related to the 5 Bosch Microwave Ovens

1. Bosch Serie (Model number: HBG633BS1J)

Originated in‎ Germany, Bosch Serie package include components- ‎1 x oven, 1 x enamel baking tray, 1 x combination grid and 1 x universal pan.

Special Features include:

  • Human Interface Input: Touch pad
  • Oven with 10 heating methods: 4D hot air | Hot Air-Eco | Conventional heat | Conventional heat ECO | Hot air grilling | Full width grill | Half width grill | Pizza setting | Bottom heat | Defrost
  • Specifications: Temperature range 30 °C – 300 °C, Required Niche Size for Installation (HxWxD): 585-595 mm x 560-568 mm x 550 mm, Door Temperature: 40 °C, 3 Glass Door Panel
  • Design: Straight Bar Handle, Oven Door with Bottom, Soft Closing/Opening, Cavity with Shelf Support Rails, Back Panel, Illumination Type: Round Halogen Light, Residual Heat Indicator, Start-/Stop Button, Door Contact Switch, Integrated Internal Light and Cooling Fan, Eco Clean Direct Feature

2. Bosch (Model: BEL553MS0i)

With Bosch oven, microwave and grill for can be used separately. The oven requires no batteries. The package box includes- 1 x main unit, 1 x grid, 1 x turntable, warranty card and user manual.

Special Features include:

  • Human Interface Input: Touch Buttons
  • Heating modes: Max. Power: 900 W, 5 Microwave Power Settings: 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W
  • Grill And Microwave Power Levels 90 W, 180 W, 360 W Combinable
  • Specifications: Nominal Voltage: 220 – 230 V, Max. Time Setting (MW): 99 min, Required Niche Size for Installation (HxWxD): 380 mm – 382 mm x 560 mm – 568 mm x 550 mm, Grill 1.2 KW, Input Voltage (V): 220-230V, Maximum Opening- 160 degrees, Automatic Programmes- 8, No Glass Turntable Diameter 31.5 cm, Retractable Control Dials- 2.
  • Design: Automatic safety switch off door contact switch, LED, Electronic Clock, Rotary Control Knob, Open Button, Integral Cooling Fan, Control Oven door with Left Hinged Side Opening Door, Temperature Control

3. Bosch Serie (Model No.: BFL553MS0I)

Originated in Germany, Bosch Serie package box include 1 x oven, 1 x Turntable, User Manual, Warranty Card. Give a treat to your palate with all the exotic and Indian flavours, cooked and defrosted in Bosch microwave. Heat to your soup, pizza, chicken, potatoes within minutes.

Special Features include:

  • Human Interface Input: Touch pad
  • 5 Microwave power settings (90 W,180 W,360 W,600 W,900 W) with Inverter (MW)
  • Built-in oven with a height of 38 cm for fast defrosting, reheating or preparation of dishes (in the shortest possible time).
  • Specification: Max. Power: 900 W, Glass Turntable diameter 31.5 cm, Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Design: Rotary control knob, Retractable, Touch Control, Side opening door, left hinged, electronic clock with LED display, Safety switch-off function oven, Door contact switch, Fuel Type: Electric.

4. Bosch Series 4 (Model No. BEL550MS0I)

Originated in China, Bosch Series 4 package box contains 1 x oven, 1 x grid, 1 x Turntable. Foods are evenly browned by the powerful grill, time saving preparation, defrosting and re-heating of dishes

Special Features include:

  • Human Interface Input: Buttons
  • Power: 900 W; 5 Microwave power settings (90 W,180 W,360 W,600 W,900 W) with Inverter (MW)
  • Specifications: Grill 1.2 KW, voltage- 220-230 V, Combination of Grill and Microwave power levels 360/180/90 W, Required Niche Size for Installation – 380-382 x 560-568 x 550, Glass Turntable diameter- 31.5 cm, Plug Type Old: India plug (16 Ampere).
  • Design: Control Panel Type- buttons, Rotary control knob, Side opening door- ideal for elevated installation, Left Hinged, Automatic safety switch off door.

5. Bosch Serie (Model No.: HBF010BR0Z)

The Bosch Serie oven with 3D hot air achieves perfect baking and roasting results on up to three levels simultaneously. No batteries required. The oven box has 1 x oven, 1 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan, Rapid heating-up: manual Integral cooling fan.

Special Features include:

  • Human Interface Input: Buttons
  • Multiple Heating Methods: Hot Air, Conventional heat, Hot air grilling, Hot air gentle, Full width variable grill
  • Specifications: Temperature range- 50 °C – 275 °C, Nominal voltage: 220 – 240 V, Required niche size for installation (HxWxD): 575 mm – 597 mm x 560 mm – 568 mm x 550 mm, Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 0.98 kwh Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode: 0.79 kwh Number of cavities: 1, Door Temperature- 50 degree
  • Design: Bar handle, Rotary control knob, Oven door with bottom, Full-glass inner door, Heat source: electrical, Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): A (at a range of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to D)

How Do We Rate Microwave Ovens?

It is important to note the parameters we include while ranking and rating the ovens in the list. There some of the important criteria are:

  • Features supported by the product
  • Price of the product
  • Customer Reviews and Experience in that product
  • Brand & Warranty-related details of the product
  • After-sale Service given with the product

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Microwave Ovens

Which is the best: a grill microwave oven or convection microwave?

The use of a grill microwave is only limited to heating, defrosting and grilling. However, a convection microwave offers multi-functionality as it can be used for heating, defrosting, baking, grilling, and more.

What are the differences between the conventional and convection microwave ovens?

The basic difference between conventional microwave and convection microwave is the way they heat the food.

A conventional oven gives out microwaves that pass-through the dishes used to cook. It first combines basic microwave technology with radiant heat and then circulate hot air to heat food whereas convection microwaves have a heating element and a fan to circulate the hot air for a thorough homogenous heating of food.

Can we bake in a convection microwave?

Yes. You can bake a cake in a convection microwave, unlike a solo microwave. A convection microwave cooks the food inside out instead of just heating it. However, these types of microwaves require preheating. It has a powerful fan and exhaust system, thus providing even circulation of hot air and maintaining a consistent temperature.


These are all facts you need to know before choosing a Bosch oven for your kitchen. Also, remember that if an oven is broken or faulty, discontinue its use immediately. Contact your oven manufacturer or check if the oven is still in the warranty period or not. Always follow the guidelines given in the rule booklet given with the product while operating a microwave. If there is a faulty door seal, report it to the retailer. Other than that, Microwave ovens are a relatively cheaper investment with much greater usage.