Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 Desert Cooler – Reviews and Guide

With increasing global warming and pollution all around, the summer temperatures are rising every year. On top of that, India being a tropical country reaches the peak of humidity and heat during the summer months. The scorching heat of the sun makes us feel uncomfortable and tired. It becomes extremely difficult to sleep and focus on daily activities. If you are looking for an affordable way to beat the summer heat, buy the super-efficient yet inexpensive USHA Maxx 70 litre desert air cooler and enjoy cool fresh air inside your room!

How do air coolers work?

Desert coolers are a kind of evaporative air cooling appliance that use moist and wet cooling pads for giving out cool, fresh air. The appliance draws in the hot outside air into the unit and runs the air through cooling pads which absorb the moisture present in the air and the blows out cool air into the room. This mechanism is exactly the opposite of how air conditioners work. Also, the air coolers have fans which rotate, spreading the cool blown out air into the room, making your feel fresh. If you are following a strict budget, USHA Maxx 70 litres would be one of the best desert air coolers to buy. It’s affordable, user-oriented and eco-friendly too. Additionally, the appliance doesn’t emit harmful gases as a  by-product of its mechanism.

Similar to the latest modern-day air coolers, the USHA Maxx air cooler too, is suitable for different climate and temperature conditions. Built using the latest technology, this air cooler delivers a huge amount of fresh air and covers a huge area, filling every corner of the room with cool fresh air. We would talk more about its area coverage and air throw in details in the features section. This air cooler is portable as it comes with 5 castor wheels which help you shift the appliance from one room to another. Again, this appliance is suitable to be used in large as well as medium-sized rooms. Usha’s best desert air coolers are equipped with high tank capacity and powerful airflow which enhances its cooling performance more. Not only does this give you respite from the scorching heat of the sun but also delivers a continuous flow of fresh air.

Below given are a few features which amply demonstrate why you should consider buying this product this summer.

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Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 Desert Cooler

Durable and effective pump

The USHA Maxx 70 litre desert air cooler comes with an effective pump system which improves its mechanism considerably. To prevent the high amount of TDS and dirt that gets deposited in the pump and affects its performance, the cooler is equipped with the best quality pump made using the best technology available.


It’s sleek yet elegant design makes it suitable to be fitted anywhere. The air cooler has a white, ergonomic design which enhances the decor of place where it’s placed. It doesn’t matter if you are buying it for your house or office, it would fit in well.

Castor wheels

The presence of 5 castor wheels makes it easier for people to shift this product as and when required. The castor wheels can rotate at an angle of 360°. Not only that, but this cooler also has a trolley which allows people to mount in anywhere.

Autofill feature

If the air cooler is connected to a water source, it would automatically fill in more water from it, if the water level in the tank drops below a certain point.

High air throw capacity

The USHA Maxx 70 litre air cooler has a high air throw of about 50 feet, covering every space of the room. Its high area coverage and extended reach to all corners because of its wide-angle air throw has made it an extremely effective cooling appliance.

Powerful cooling experience

Needle to say, being equipped with the latest technology, cooling pads, castor wheels, durable pumps, water tank, ice chamber, remote control system, the USHA Maxx is one of the best desert air coolers available in the market. The product is designed with an aim to deliver an amazing cooling experience to its users.

Built using the latest technology

The air cooler has been developed using advanced i-pure technology. It has multi-stage purification filters like bacteria filter, smell filter, allergy filter, dust filter, making sure that nothing but only fresh air comes out of the machine. Not only does the product provide users with cool air but also purifies the air.

Ice chamber

Another impressive feature of this product is the presence of an ice chamber. Users can put cubes of ice into it to facilitate the cooling process.

Honeycomb cooling pads

The cooling pads are the most essential component for the evaporation process. They provide the machine with enough surface area that it requires. The wet cooling pads also absorb the humidity Content of the air, blowing out cool, dry air into the room. The proper functioning of the cooling pads ensures superior cooling performance.

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Control panel

The air cooler also has a control panel, where you can control its fan speed from low to medium and high. Also, its temperature settings can be regulated.

Water level indicator

This feature helps you know when the water level in the tank has gone below a certain level. Once it becomes low, the product would send you a warning, signalling to fill in the water tank. You can then connect it to a water source and it would automatically fill in water.

Since years, USHA has been producing quality household appliances in India. Measuring 695 mm x 475 mm x 1167 mm with a water tank capacity of 70 litres, the USHA Maxx air cooler is a recently launched product in the market, which has become the top priority for homeowners in a short time.

Its 4-way air deflection system and inverter compatibility have made it a more convenient option for them. Also, the product comes with a 1-year warranty. That’s not all! The water tank is fungal and bacterial growth resistant. The product makes the minimum noise while functioning, making sure you can enjoy your night sleep well.